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The shot feared round the world

In 1776, courageous farmers and other freedom-loving folks declared independence from England’s despotic King George. Today, we see equally daring patriots rebel against damaging vax mandates and forced Covid-19 treatment protocols.

The “safe and effective” mRNA gene therapy narrative has collapsed under global death data showing the shots fail to prevent Covid infection, damage human immune systems, and cause thousands of serious injuries — including death. Two years’ data shows mask mandates cause multiple harms while failing to curb viral transmission. Lockdowns hurt more than help. 

February 7, 2021  By Jerry Carlson  The Covid pandemic reveals a deeper failure of federal regulators such as the Centers for Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency. These “regulators” have abysmally failed to keep America’s food free from toxic chemicals — especially glyphosate. The CDC has failed to document the dramatic decline in nutrient density of America’s factory-farm produce and other foods. For years, such federal agencies have kneeled to the political power of global chemical and pharmaceutical corporations. Results of such chemical captivity: Ever-weaker immune systems, epidemic obesity and vulnerability to viral attacks. A mid-February report and interview with Dr. Jessica Rose confirms these points.

For current news on this epic challenge, see UPDATES at the end of our report.

Our Renewable Farming family has always encouraged healthy soil and healthy food as the foundation of our immune systems. But now, America’s cumulative total Covid-19 death rate per million people is the world’s worst: See the first chart below. 

Africa and India have much lower Covid death rates per million people than most Western nations.
They also have lower mRNA vax rates — and typically encouraged early treatment with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and other inexpensive treatments. Our government blocked such treatments.

In recent weeks, the death rate per week in Israel has soared upward in a parabolic rise. Israel is the world’s most-vaccinated nation. Its exclusive agreement with Pfizer made Israel the “world’s laboratory” for mRNA shots. You can read a comprehensive report in The Expose at this link. Here’s the Expose’s chart, with data from Johns Hopkins and Our World in Data.

Israel’s aggressive mRNA shot program results so far.

Most mainstream networks have censored news of cheering Canadians, while vilifying anti-mandate protestors.

However, if you watch “alternative” news site reports of Canada’s Freedom Convoy, you probably saw big farm tractors amid the 50,000 trucks converging on Ottawa. Farmers were also among the roadside crowds waving Canadian flags and cheering an estimated 50,000 truckers driving toward Ottawa. Fox and alternate media reported that a GoFundMe appeal raised 10 million Canadian dollars for the Freedom Convoy, but GoFundMe refused to release donations after Ottawa’s mayo complained. As of today, the Canadian Freedom Convoy has raised over $6 million on the GiveSendGo donation platform. The goal: $16 million.  However, Ottawa Police have called for reinforcements; they’re confiscating fuel from truckers and arresting them. Some truckers are leaving central Ottawa.

American truckers have launched a “Freedom Convoy to DC” campaign, which gained 140,000 followers on Facebook by Feb. 2. At that point, Facebook censored their campaign. But organizers assure “It’s still on.” They’re starting a GiveSendGo fund appeal.

Mainstream TV networks and newspapers have ignored or belittled Canada’s Freedom Convoy. However, internet-based “alternative media” have reported accurate, on-site updates. One site that brings you first-hand reports is Health Impact News. Another riveting commentary comes from Remnant TV’s Michael J. Matt at this link. He makes clear: Fearmongers scheming for the “Great Reset” are losing. Freedom-fighting patriots are winning.

My wife Jill and I just watched the first two episodes of the HBO mini-series released in 2008, John Adams. In 1775, Adams was a farmer and private lawyer. His courage and sacrifice helped ignite America’s 13 colonies into a united Declaration of Independence from England. Jill and I were struck by the political parallels with Americans’ rebellion in 1776, and today’s medical dictatorship, which one of our close friends labels “death by protocol.”

Americans were warned long ago: Dr. Benjamin Rush, a Philadelphia doctor who signed the Declaration of Independence and became Surgeon General for George Washington, warned colleagues at the 1787 Constitutional Convention that medical freedom should be included in the new American Constitution. Please see his quote in the nearby image, published on the home page of America’s Frontline Doctors.

Almost two years ago, we published an in-depth article on “Why Farmers are Front-Line Defenders Against Viral Epidemics.” We encourage you to review that article, and visit the many links embedded in it.  In particular, look closely at the many charts showing close correlations between chronic diseases in the U.S. and total glyphosate application for 1996 through 2012. Nancy Swanson did great service in compiling this data. This long-term correlation needs updating — but the political pressure unleashed by that journal paper in 2014 was immense and unrelenting.

Britain’s Daily Expose online newsletter has posted data from Canada’s official sources showing that fully vaccinated Canadians are being currently infected with Covid at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. (See nearby chart) The Expose writer concludes: 

“Despite the Government of Canada clearly trying desperately to conceal it, a bit of time, effort, and simple math has revealed that their own data shows Canada is very much in the midst of a ‘Pandemic of the Fully Vaccinated’, with 89% of cases and 72% of hospitalisations and deaths recorded among the fully vaccinated population in the most recent 7 days of available data, despite just 59% of the population being fully vaccinated.

“The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau should remove the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for Canadian Truckers with immediate effect, he should remove the Vaccine Passport system in place in Canada with immediate effect, and he should apologise for his discriminatory ostracization of unvaccinated Canadian’s and resign with his tail between his legs.

“Because it’s the fully vaccinated who are spreading Covid-19, it’s the fully vaccinated who are taking up hospital beds, and it’s the fully vaccinated who are justifying tyranny in Canada with their untimely deaths.

Just as we posted this article today, Moms Across America posted a new in-depth study showing the links between glyphosate and cancer.

Updates February 9:

This morning’s Wall Street Journal editorial board advises: “The lesson for the Covid-19 police is that when you’ve lost even Canadians, arguably the most law-abiding people on the planet, you’ve lost the political plot. Time to adopt a new strategy more tolerant of the need to return to life not dominated by pandemic fear and government commands.”

Health Impact News reports that farmers have reinforced the Canada/Montana border crossing at Coutts, Alberta with big tractors. And truckers temporarily blocked the international bridge at the Windsor/Detroit border crossing.

The UK’s Daily Exposé provides news videos from today’s Canadian Parliament session, where Prime Minister Trudeau is heckled by members of parliament as he defends vax mandates. Leaders of the opposition urge him to end such restrictions quickly. 

Update February 11: Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson reports on the Canadian truckers’ protest — and the planned America truckers’ freedom convoy — with this 17-minute summary.

Update February 13: Epoch Times reports thousands of Canadians flooding the capitol area of Ottawa, cheering on the truckers and urging civility among all protestors. Meanwhile, truckers are stubbornly constraining traffic at several border crossing points into the U.S. despite threats of fines up to $100,000 Canadian. Ironic how the confrontation at the bridges, such as the Ambassador Bridge, echoes the Minutemen at Concord Bridge.

Update February 15: The UK’s Daily Expose carries an embedded 20-minute video on the Odyssey platform revealing official government data showing that 5% of the batch numbers of Covid mNRA shots have caused almost all of the vaccine deaths. This appears designed as a global, coordinated experiment by the three major U.S. Covid genetic-engineered vax makers. Implications: Presenters, including German attorney Reiner Fuellmich, point out that the agencies and firms involved have no liability protection. 

Update March 9: WorldNetDaily reports on how corporate and government Covid-vax advocates suppressed scientific data showing that ivermectin could save thousands of lives. The British researcher who developed that data allowed outside non-scientists to nullify his findings, altering his conclusions which should have favored free use of ivermectin.


I’ll sum it up with two lines from the first verse of the Concord Hymn by Ralph Waldo Emerson, commemorating the first skirmish between farmers and King George’s Redcoats at Concord Bridge on April 19, 1775. That led to America’s War of Independence.


“Here once the embattled farmers stood

And fired the shot heard round the world.”