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How the internet amplifies “Each one teach one” to build healthy soil, healthy food

Last night’s Zoom podcast sponsored by is a live example of the “each one teach one” teaching concept proven by a missionary to the Philippines, Frank Laubach

February 4, 2022  By Jerry Carlson  I learned about Laubach’s teaching methods in 1957 as a student at Silliman University in the Philippines. He used a wide array of visual images to teach individuals how to read — and encouraged each student to teach their friends and families. Knowledge bloomed exponentially, and millions of people around the world learned to read in their own language. The “each one teach one” phrase dates back to the Southern slavery era. Slaves, forbidden from formal education, secretly learned to read — and new readers taught others.

Several “missionaries” are energized today with the same teaching passion for building healthier soils, healthier crops — and healthier people. We’ve continually confirmed that farmers are the foundation for building people’s immune systems. Toxin-free, mineral-balanced, fresh food has always been “your best medicine.”  

Rick Clark, organic farmer… and teacher

Organic farmer Rick Clark of Indiana is one of those impassioned growers eager to restore health to all people. I met Rick at Loran Steinlage’s farm near West Union, IA last summer. Rick emceed last night’s podcast, which was recorded and will soon be posted online after editing by coordinator Liz Haney. You can get an overview of Rick Clark’s organic system in a podcast with John Kempf at this link. The teaching and consulting alliance he sparkplugged,, is an example of how experienced farmers and Renewable Farming/Regenerative Ag advocates are rebuilding soils and health worldwide.

Ag Soil Regen is planning a major conference here in Cedar Falls, IA December 5-6, 2022, where 800 farmers are expected to attend. The promo reads: “The BIG SOIL HEALTH EVENT encourages and illuminates soil health practice adoption. It also provides practical boots-on-the-ground training for not only new farmers and early adopters of regenerative ag, but landowners and industry professionals as well.”

 John Kempf’s Advancing Eco Agriculture organization is one of the most seasoned and influential teaching teams for Renewable Farming —  or, as Kempf brands it, Eco Agriculture. Kempf is a skilled presenter and entrepreneur, fielding a nationwide staff and a wide array of products to restore soil biological life and improve crop nutrition. His podcasts, webinars and a field staff all amplify the teaching approach to healthier soils and healthier people.
North Dakota farmer/rancher Gabe Brown is one of the nation’s best-known “missionaries” of soil restoration and freedom from chemical captivity. The Soil Health Academy, which Gabe’s family originated, has a nationally dispersed teaching staff of 14 seasoned educators, each with depth of expertise in their respective region. I visited with Gabe at an ACRES conference, asking him what compels him to devote such a huge commitment of time to teaching and educating other farmers. His instant answer: “It’s exciting. My family has a passion to share what we’ve learned.”
Another emerging Renewable Farming educator is Mitch Hora, founder of Continuum Ag. He’s a seventh-generation farmer south of us at Washington, IA. He was honored as one of Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30” leaders, as we reported here last December
For about 30 years, I’ve helped organize seminars which gave other Renewable Farming innovators teaching platforms to reach American growers and stockmen. Examples are:
  • Allan Savory, the South African who pioneered new grazing concepts and challenged where true science originates. The Savory Institute teaches Holistic Management of land resources, especially grazing resources.
  • Dave Larson, who founded AgriEnergy Solutions — which fields a consulting staff of more than 30 farmers and other agronomic consultants today.
  • Dan Skow, Bruce Tanio and many others.
The rise of online connections between innovators and farmers will speed the advance of healthier soils — and a healthier civilization. It’s my contention that America’s 40% obesity rate and exceptionally high fatality rate in the Covid pandemic arose from nutritionally dead dietary habits. Fortunately, online resources such as the Food Revolution Network, founded by John Robbins and his son John, are having a global impact — amplified via the worldwide web. Moms across America, founded by Zen Honeycutt, is another example of the power of good ideas, multiplied via an uncensored global medium. Probably the most impactful online health advocate is Dr. Joseph Mercola, who’s censored and castigated for “misinformation” which exposes dangers of mRNA shots and the government’s erosion of patients’ rights under federal Covid protocols. 
Our extended family has a 40-year heritage of pursuing food as “good medicine.” This traces back to the classic 1965 book, Food is Your Best Medicine by Dr. Henry C. Bieler.