Renewable Farming



SP-1 is a blend formulated to supply the greatest diversity of bacteria, fungi, algae, enzymes, carbon substrates, vitamins, and minerals to help support the growth of microbial life.   Click Here to download a PDF copy of the SP-1 Label    

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             Vitazyme represents a breakthrough to larger, more profitable crop yields, and healthier plants while promoting a more sustainable approach to agriculture. Standard chemical approaches have helped spur the 20th century farming revolution, but have created potential toxicity problems for farmers, consumers and the environment. In addition, these inputs are

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WakeUP Summer

WakeUP Summer is formulated as a tank-mix surfactant and mobilizer that enhances absorption and translocation of foliar nutrients.                            By increasing leaf penetration of applied nutrients, and speeding movement of those nutrients through crop circulation, you gain more complete use of NPK and trace elements

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WakeUP Spring

WakeUP Spring is formulated to enhance translocation of photosynthetic sugars from the leaf to growing points, especially roots. In field trials by professional research agronomist James Porterfield of Illinois, WakeUP Spring has shown a near-doubling of sugar content in corn roots two days after application.Extra sugar exuded from young roots is designed by nature to stimulate beneficial soil organisms,

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