Renewable Farming

Terry Carlson

Organic Vitazyme

  Organic Vitazyme is certified by both BCS and OMRI, as well as Washington (State) and California. 😀OMRIBCSWashington Organics CertificationCalifornia Organics Certification  


SP-1 is a blend formulated to supply the greatest diversity of bacteria, fungi, algae, enzymes, carbon substrates, vitamins, and minerals to help support the growth of microbial life.   Click Here to download a PDF copy of the SP-1 Label    


             Vitazyme represents a breakthrough to larger, more profitable crop yields, and healthier plants while promoting a more sustainable approach to agriculture. Standard chemical approaches have helped spur the 20th century farming revolution, but have created potential toxicity problems for farmers, consumers and the environment. In addition, these inputs are …

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