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Argentina, Australia, Southern Africa could see crop losses as Tonga eruption dust spreads

YouTube blogger David Dubyne is posting a series of reports on the dust and sulphur dioxide cloud circling the Southern Hemisphere following the Jan. 15 volcanic eruption near Tonga in the South Pacific.

The analyst posted this 13-minute video on his Adapt 2030 channel. He guesstimates that crops could be damaged significantly in Argentina, Australia and South Africa. The comments start at about the 3-minute mark.

Once you visit this YouTube channel, you can follow previous and future reports as the dust cloud expands. The eruption is now considered one of the largest on the planet in the past 30 years.

We were alerted to this blogger by inventor Hans Becker of Dubuque, a former CIA electronics specialist who stays tuned for such scientific events. Hans flagged crop consultant Bob Streit, who emailed us.

Here’s a satellite view of the dust cloud so far:

 Update January 26, 2022: The atmospheric shock from the Tonga volcano was so intense that ripples in air pressure spread around the world.