Renewable Farming

WakeUP can save you money, boost yields in 2022

Prices for most ag chemicals and fertilizer are soaring. But our WakeUP price from March 1 through the 2022 season remains unchanged: $90 per gallon in 2.5-gal. jugs. We’ve been able to keep WakeUP profitable for you since 2009 by enhancing our efficiency and volume. 

It gets even better for you: Pre-season orders paid by March 1, 2022, are $80 per gallon, a $10 discount. For pricing on 275-gal. tote orders, please call. Our goal: Encourage you to include WakeUP in cropping budgets you’re planning now. It amplifies yields from products applied in-furrow, streaming and foliar. 

More than a dozen years of field experience show this: If an in-furrow or foliar yield booster adds 5 bu. to your corn yield by itself, mobilizing it with 5 ounces per acre of WakeUP in solution enhances yield another 3 to 4 bushels. WakeUP costs only $3.12 per acre at our pre-season price!

Our long-term clients know WakeUP is far more than an ordinary surfactant.  WakeUP Spring and WakeUP Summer create colloidal micelles and ionic energy which:

1. Clear-coats leaves uniformly with spray solution by reducing water surface tension from 70 dynes to 30 dynes. 

2. Softens the waxy leaf surface for quick absorpton. Effectiveness depends on what gets into plant metabolism quickly, not just what hits the leaf. 

3. Translocates nutrients and crop protection products into all parts of the plant, including roots and growing points. WakeUP reduces surface tension of plant sap, so nutrients flow more easily through plants’ phloem systems. WakeUP is made from plant-based ingredients approved by FDA for use in foods. 

You can pay your pre-season purchase by check, or call our office manager Jeanene (319-610-5239), with a credit card order. We’ll ship your WakeUP on a date you specify. (WakeUP doesn’t freeze, so we encourage you to get yours safely on hand early.) 

Thanks again for your trust, enthusiasm and fresh ideas over the years. Call any of our family team members, anytime!