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Farmers who influence local policies can change our entire nation’s course

Historically, independent farm families have always provided the backbone of freedom and democracy in America. Yet today, many of our farm-based friends tell us their greatest anxiety is not making a profit, it’s the divisive dictates pouring out of Washington. These mandates divide us, discourage us, and threaten to disable us. Your neighbor may say, “But I can’t do anything about that.” 

Together, you can: You and a few friends can launch a crusade to act locally, building consensus in your community, and correct our nation’s course. Farmers have a history of building local communities with national impact. Remember The National Grange? It’s the oldest American agricultural group with a nationwide membership. Women and men together made it instrumental in creating social bonds between farm families, which led to powerful policy changes across the country, beginning in the aftermath of the Civil War. 

January 8, 2022: Jill Carlson — partner in Renewable Farming LLC, author, grandmother, prayer warrior — offers you these ideas to encourage you to power into local community building:


By Jill Carlson

Farmers know it best….to get the job done right, start from the ground up. Politicians think we don’t know how. They count on a populace as frozen and isolated as the winter landscape.

So what a surprise when we start fighting back right where we live.

One neighborhood at a time.

It’s January. It’s planning time. So why not take that ground-up attitude and show up for county and town meetings? Ever run for local office? Starting local is the only way to fight the dozen laws a day coming out of Washington. Start with your sheriff, your school board, and your county supervisors.

These farmers did it. So can we:

  •  Mark’s farming chores and town job take him 15 hours a day but once a month he’s the first one at the county supervisors’ meeting. Now he knows all the zoning proposals and accompanying laws, the sheriff’s name, and every county supervisor by name. Neighbors come to him for advice.
  •  Marie from Iowa ran for school board after watching her local board vote with the superintendent and not with parents.  She narrowly missed that job, but was motivated to write a book which was published a year after the election.
  • Alan joined the local sheriff’s “deputies on call” with a legitimate carry permit, and urged his friends to do the same.
  • Blake, 19, was voted foreman after waiting politely for older jurors to step up to the plate. He earned the respect of everyone on the jury. He’s a powerhouse of information because he asks questions until he knows what’s going on.
  • Pete read the fine print, went to meetings, wrote letters for two years…and now there are no massive wind turbines whooshing on his back 40.

Those daily new laws whizzing by our heads come mostly from Washington.

But the only effective push-back is local — county supervisors, city council, state legislatures, local sheriffs. If I don’t know my Constitution — local and federal — I can’t fight effectively.

Sheriffs take an oath to defend the American Constitution. Our professor friend teaches his criminology students that sheriffs hold the greatest power in the county. We’ve proof, too, that sheriffs read their letters and answer them! Letters of encouragement — not scoldings — often energize local supervisors or sheriffs to do what they swore on oath to do. Three years ago our church pastor was chaplain to the local Iowa patrol station. He invited officials to a special meeting and urged his congregation to know the law and how to repel an intruder.

Preparing comes second nature to farmers. But it’s hard to prepare if you don’t know what’s legal. If you’ve ever seen a Dicambra lawsuit — or a proposed redistricting near your farm — you got legally schooled in short order. And in the process you got a feel for the power of law and your neighbors’ rights that stuck with you. And you also ran smack into the many layers of maneuvering from stakeholders and corporations — and maybe your neighbor himself.

But there was an upside: you gained a solid appreciation for your neighborhood and the smooth running of all those layers of law — from your county supervisors to the American Constitution. And the most adventurous of you ran for office.

I checked this morning on the political-party affiliations of our five county commissioners and saw a four-to-one ratio. On the same site was an invitation to a monthly open house. Will I go? Or will I just show up when I have a problem?

America has another election coming up and the biggest question is whether my vote will count. So if I really want to change more than my farming landscape, I can volunteer as a precinct watcher and start talking with other watchers. I can study my state and county election systems and read up on county by-laws.

And if I can do it, you can too.

In the early 1900s farmers with their average sixth grade education read The Country Gentleman’s 11 x 13 pages of 6 point type by lamp oil or candlelight. Their kids knew the Constitution. Reading and listening was the only way to learn.

You’ve seen the T-shirts: Readers are Leaders. We can prove that, one by one.

So volunteer. Or run for office.

That’s the best security system in America.



Here are examples of forming local “freedom communities” like the ones Jill is talking about in the article above.

This link takes you to a Rumble video where Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Pam Popper, whose firm advises individuals on ways to make informed medical decisions. Pam describes how she and allies have helped thousands of people form local communities of independent-minded families to create “parallel societies” refusing the Covid jabs and creating home-school alternatives where their kids won’t be subjected to forced mRNA vax injections.

Here’s a powerful description of the ominous power structures orchestrating the “Great Reset:” reshaping America into the economic and social structure which looks much like communist China. Controlled by major corporate powers and their close-knit government allies. Michael Rectenwald, Chief Academic Officer for American Scholars produced the essay. A sample: “Another way of describing the goal of the Great Reset is ‘capitalism with Chinese characteristics’—a two-tiered economy, with profitable monopolies and the state on top and socialism for the majority below.”

Moms Across America, founded by Zen Honeycutt, has grown into a national force for healthy nutrition and mutual support for medical freedom. 

A few dedicated journalists coordinating in Project Veritas have uncovered official military documents disclosing the gain-of function intent of Dr. Fauci’s taxpayer-funded research at the Wuhan, China institute of virology. This link takes you to the original research proposals and the military’s refusal to sponsor it.

A growing list of high-profile medical researchers and physicians are courageously exposing the Covid pandemic’s  political agendas and false narratives flowing from CDC, WHO and governments around the world. Censored by Google, Meta and other major web platforms, they’re gaining credibility in a wide array of smaller web outlets. Their data demonstrate the ineffectiveness and adverse reactions of mRNA shots, disastrous economic and social impact of lockdowns and masking, and the political agendas behind medical mandates. The link in blue takes you to a Washington Examiner article on four of these leaders. 

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a New York physician who developed a comprehensive early treatment protocol for Covid-19, recommends that Americans resist the incessant pressure and mandates to “get your Covid shot” by forming coalitions of neighbors and like-minded groups. He sees the suppression of inexpensive, effective Covid remedies by Western governments as a means of creating a slave society — and a means of reducing the world’s population.

More than 16,000 physicians from around the world have signed a resolution “that healthy children should not be subject to forced vaccination.” When you visit this link, you can first read the main points of the resolution, then scroll down the page to see examples of physicians who’ve signed it. Some of them might be in your community.

America’s Frontline Doctors grew from a few physicians into a major source of alternative Covid care, independent of the censorship and restrictions imposed by the CDC and FDA. Here’s where you can get a legal prescription for Hydroxychloroquine  or Ivermectin, plus other repurposed remedies.

Screen image from American Frontline Doctors website