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Spraytec Impulse plus WakeUP: Mobilizing minerals and biostimulants in one package

Spraytec, a major Brazilian crop nutrition manufacturer, has invested years of experience overcoming Brazil’s mineral deficient soils. Now they’re offering a broad-spectrum mineral and biostimulant blend, Impulse, to help American farmers insure crops against hidden mineral hunger.

Most Midwest soils are adequate in basic NPK, but often deficient in yield-limiting micronutrients such as boron, manganese or zinc. Years of glyphosate use has tied up essential micros needed for crop health and functionality.

Spraytec’s fresh idea in crop nutrition: Provide readily available micronutrients throughout crop growth and kernel or seed fill, along with amino acids essential for metabolism. Spraytec also recognizes the need for an “adjuvant” — a surfactant — to improve foliar coverage. Spraytec includes a small amount of their proprietary adjuvant in the Impulse blend.

We recommend WakeUP tank-mixed with Impulse to insure even more complete leaf coverage, penetration and metabolism of the mineral payoff package. We’ve conducted field tests with various mineral mixes for about a decade, finding that WakeUP in the solution increases mineral tissue-test levels for every element.

The Impulse cost per acre for 2021 is $8.21. With $5-plus cash corn, just a couple of bushels achieves breakeven — and the odds are good that you’ll see corn yields nudged by 5 to 10 bu. — possibly more. 

Here are several supporting reports on Impulse:

1. Family Safe Farms, which encourages biologically sound farming as we do, carries a thorough description of Impulse at this link.

2. Our summary of first-season results Dec. 15, 2020, indicates that the product shows the most response where soils are slightly mineral deficient, but there’s adequate moisture. Generally, corn yields were boosted by 2.6 bu. to 15 bushels.

3. Spraytec’s 2020 yield results summary for Impulse showed average yield gains of 8.31 bu. for corn and 6.99 bu. for soybeans.


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