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2020 global field trials again confirm yield gains with Vitazyme biostimulant

Here’s where you can download and read the 2020 field test results of Vitazyme — probably the most thoroughly proven biostimulant in agriculture. In previous years, our Renewable Farming field trials have shown how WakeUP and Vitazyme work naturally together to boost yields 5%, 10% and sometimes more.

April 2, 2021 For several years we’ve worked with Paul Syltie, research director for Vital Earth Resources, makers of Vitazyme. Our Vitazyme clients who have a few years of familiarity with Vitazyme typically order 30 to 60 gallons a season. That’s enough to foliar feed almost 600 acres at 13 ounces per acre for just under $6 per acre. A typical corn yield response range: 6 to 10 bu. per acre.

First-time Vitazyme users often order 5 or 10 gallons to test it in their own programs. Our retail price is $59 per gallon plus freight.

With corn cash bids for fall 2021 near $4.50, net return per acre over $6 per acre product cost would be about $20 to $40. 

Using Vitazyme for seed treatment or in-furrow application is also economical. It’s a biostimulant with several enzymes, not live organisms. Vitazyme’s product description says, “These active agents include vitamins, enzymes, triacontanol and other powerful but gentle growth stimulators.”

Here’s a quick read of a few results extracted from the 35-page report you can view online or download as a colorful PDF (portable document file; use Adobe Acrobat to read it after downloading the file).  

  • Plot trials at South Dakota state in 2020 — where dry-weather stress constrained corn yields — ranged from 6 bu. per acre to 19 bu. per acre.
  • About a mile south of our research farm near Cedar Falls, IA, the ACRES commercial field test farm found corn yield gains up to 11.6 bu. using Vitazyme encapsulated with granular urea. This is a “Beta test” of a potential new delivery vehicle for Vitazyme.
  • Mike Williams, agronomist at Gold Eagle co-op based in Pocahontas, Iowa, farms on his own and tested a synergistic blend of yield boosters on corn in 2020. Benefit: 10 bu. per acre. His 210-bu. treated corn yield was decent despite severe dry stress in his part of Iowa. Check out page 12 of the Vitazyme report. We especially appreciated this test because Mike blends several biological products:

1. Vitazyme, 13 oz. per acre in-furrow

2. Environoc 401, 16 oz. per acre in-furrow, to inoculate new roots with a rich array of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

3. Syntose FA: A blend of glucose, fructose and molasses plus 1% fulvic acid to nourish microbial life.

4. WakeUP Spring at 3 ounces per acre to accelerate root absorption and internal mobilization of Vitazyme. 

The 2020 Vitazyme field test report also includes results with soybeans, wheat and other crops.

See the chart and photo below from Mike Williams’ field test.

At current corn prices, the 10-bu. yield increase
pays for the bio products, and helps improve
long-term soil health. The yield gain could easily have
been higher, except that a very dry summer constrained
grain fill.
We’ve often noted that WakeUP Spring
in-furrow helps corn imbibe moisture
and sprout more quickly.