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Other farmers following Irvin Osterloh’s example: Oats as a cover crop

We previously reported here on Adams County, Wis. grower Irvin Osterloh’s technique of interplanting continuous soybeans into early-spring planted oats.

July 2, 2020 — Today, Irv sent us a photo update on a neighbor’s adaptation of using rows of oats to offer wind protection and microbial diversity for carrots grown in that area’s sandy soils.

He also followed up with a photo showing progress of a field of soybeans which were planted into solid-drilled oats. Here’s the short picture story:

Rows of drilled oats were allowed to grow tall enough to offer the tender carrots protection from sandblasting
from blowing sand. The roots of oats also help diversify beneficial soil organisms.
Irv says “It shows more possibilities of what cover crops can do.”
Here’s a July 2 update on a field of Irv’s 2020 soybeans planted into solid-drilled oats.
He foliar-feeds nutrients tank-mixed with WakeUP Summer. Irv says these beans started flowering about a week ago.