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More evidence that the Covid-19 virus was genetically engineered to be more infectious

The Organic Consumers Association recently published a detailed report with convincing evidence that the SARS-cov-2 virus causing the current pandemic was genetically engineered in a laboratory. Here’s the link to that report, written by André Leu.

June 29, 2020   By Jerry Carlson — The take-home for farmers is this: The newly developed capabilities of editing viral genes for “gain of function” signals once again that your main defense against viral invasion is your own robust immune system. 

Your innate immune response depends on a healthy diet and freedom from environmental toxicity. We were reminded of this over the weekend by MIT research scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who has spent years examining links between chronic health problems and ag pesticides, especially glyphosate. 

Dr. Seneff asks:

“What’s the difference between the geographical locations where the virus is causing a serious crisis and those that hardly notice a departure from normalcy? I believe the answer may lie in the state of health of the [people’s] innate immune system.” 

We’ve emphasized that point before, noting that farmers are the foundation for healthy soils which grow healthy food.

Mexico is asserting this point too, announcing a national plan to phase out glyphosate use by 2024. (Note: Mexico may gradually begin constraining U.S. grain exports containing glyphosate residue.)

Strong natural immunity will be even more important in the future. New lab tools for widespread viral gene editing point to a future where viral infections could escape unexpectedly. The Covid-19 origin shows a possible instance of such an “escape” from a lab.

Most of the the U.S. mainstream media still adheres to the natural-origin explanation for the current pandemic. Social-media giants typically block most viewpoints of key scientists and doctors which are contrary to the Centers for Disease Control or World Health Organization.

Months ago when the Covid-19 outbreak first occurred, we asked microbiologist Dr. Don Huber about the possibility that the Covid-19 retrovirus could have been lab-edited. At that time, he said the case lacked evidence, but quipped in effect that a virology lab “could generate gene edits in a kitchen sink.”

CDC schematic of coronavirus

That kitchen-sink line has just emerged in the article by André Leu, linked above. He describes widely available gene editing kits which modify segments of a virus’ genetic code:

“Seamless joining has become so common now that it is routinely used in laboratories, and researchers can buy the tools to do it over the internet.

“The concern here is that this technology is so widely available that anyone with a good knowledge of high school or university biochemistry can cook up a new disease organism in their kitchen and there would be no telltale signs that it was genetically modified.”

Here’s the rationale given by governments for engineering a virus to make it more contagious for humans: If it isn’t contagious, there’s no way to study it and prepare for defending against a natural mutation which might make that specific virus infectious for the population.

We recommend reading André Leu’s easy-to-understand overview, especially since new covid-19 cases in the U.S. are trending up again in several states.  

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