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How to guard your yields against “Global cooling: the real climate threat”

Yet another world-class, highly respected — and independent — climatologist is warning that the greatest climate threat to global agriculture is extended cooling, not warming. Meanwhile the political class races lemming-like for suppressing carbon dioxide. 

Writing from India, climatologist Vijay Jayaraj just posted his analysis in the American Thinker with the headline: Global Cooling: The Real Climate Threat. We encourage you to open this link and read his entire essay. It’s packed with truths which would make Al Gore gasp for oxygen if he dared acknowledge them. 

But like the rumble of an approaching army, more and more real, independent climate scientists are daring to poke holes in the pseudo-analysis underlying rent-seeking alarms about global warming — oops, climate change.

Here are some cut-and paste comments from Vijay Jayaraj’s crisply written article:

Vijay Jayaraj

“Climate alarmists constantly warn us that man-made global warming is making our world less habitable and that climate doomsday is fast approaching.  But a closer look at our climate reveals a surprising climate discovery that our mainstream media have conveniently ignored for decades: the role of the sun in determining Earth’s climate.

“For the first time in humanity’s history, our leaders could be actively devising policies — based on their defiant and biased obsession with global warming — that will render us highly vulnerable to even the slightest cooling in our climatic system.

Evidence for the lull in solar activity is so clear that even NASA admits the cooling trend.  Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center commented, “We see a cooling trend[.] … High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy.  If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.”

“Most recent scientific studies on solar cycles suggest that the next solar cycles (25 and 26) could be similar to the Maunder and Dalton minima that plunged much of the world into disastrous cold.”

This website pointed you to a recent update on solar cycles by longtime market analyst Bill Fordham. There must be rising concerns among farmers for this “non-conventional” fact set: Bill’s report attracted an exceptionally high number of hits on our site.

Our often-repeated encouragement is to transition into richer biological life in your soil for greater resilience in stabilizing yields against unusually stressful weather. The March 14 farmer meeting in Ames, assembled by consultants Bob Streit and Dave Schwartz,  was almost totally focused on biological innovations to maintain high, stable yields through extended stress periods.