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Four biological farming product makers acknowledge WakeUP’s effectiveness

In the past three weeks, we’ve learned of four top-tier ag biological product manufacturers whose field trials revealed how WakeUP amplifies effectiveness of their products.  That’s exactly what our own field research has shown for ten cropping seasons!

March 2, 2019 — We’re energized by their news. Especially since these firms are highly regarded in their own fields of beneficial ag microbials, biostimulants and micronutrients. 

One example is Vital Earth Resources based near Gladewater, Texas, makers of Vitazyme, which we market. Several years ago we met Vital Earth’s research director, Paul Syltie, who was visiting Cedar Falls to coordinate his research projects at ACRES, a research farm two miles south of our farm. ACRES owner Dr. Bert Schou had told us Paul Syltie “is a man your team at Renewable Farming should get to know.”

Since meeting Paul, we’ve conducted several on-farm trials searching for synergism between WakeUP and his product, Vitazyme. 

Paul Syltie has compiled a massive array of worldwide field research with Vitazyme. It’s a biostimulant for both the crop and the beneficial organisms which help nourish it. Vitazyme contains vitamins, enzymes, brassinosteroids, triaconanol, and other natural growth promotants. It’s extracted from a proprietary fermentation process at the Vital Earth manufacturing facility in Texas. 

Last week, one of our WakeUP distributors called our attention to a research report which Paul Syltie had published on their website. It described a field trial done by one of our innovative farmers in eastern Iowa. Here’s the report, written by Paul Syltie:

In the report above, look closely at Paul Syltie’s conclusions from that field trial on our client’s farm: In-furrow Vitazyme, tank-mixed with Biodyne USA’s Environoc 401C, showed a 30.2 bu. corn yield increase over control plots. 

When WakeUP Spring was added to this tank mix, the yield gain climbed to 40.5 bu. over the control. The grower, who asked to remain anonymous, also noted to us personally that the corn stayed green longer in the fall. We’re emphasizing that keeping corn alive longer is a critical factor in adding yield. Most Central Corn Belt cornfields are dying down a few days earlier each season, well before each hybrid’s normal physiological maturity. 

Our website reported the original field trial at this link in January 2018. Paul Syltie studied the information there, and added his own conclusions in the Vital Earth Resources research report.  The following link takes you to Vitazyme’s long list of corn field trials dating back to 1997. (Caution: Hopefully you’ll have a high-speed internet download, because the sequence of Vitazyme field trials on corn dates to 1997, and contains 173 pages!)

For a bit more on Paul Syltie’s knowledge base, visit this link at to see some of the books he has written. One of our favorites is his volume, How Soils Work.

We must be more circumspect about the identities of the three other firms who’ve discovered on their own how WakeUP benefits their products. We respect their proprietary trials. They have plenty of ability to speak for themselves, and we expect they will. We’re delighted with this kind of synergism. Hopefully they’ll recommend using WakeUP as they market their own biologicals.

A few micronutrient formulators have tried to factory “embed” WakeUP in their concentrated products containing zinc, manganese, boron and other traces. They haven’t accomplished that. WakeUP’s tiny colloids (usually smaller than a nanometer) latch onto water molecules to build colloidal micelles. That drops out many of the micronutrient elements. This is why we urge: Always blend WakeUP with water first in any spray solution, and then add the concentrated liquid NPK or micronutrient blend. This is easy because virtually every foliar micronutrient blend calls for at least two to five gallons of water per acre.

When we’ve jar-tested micronutrient mixes, pouring WakeUP into concentrated liquid NPK or micronutrient blends, we’ve seen some very colorful reactions. Often, a “parfait” of different colored elements layer the jar when we do the test. But we’ve never seen WakeUP drop out nutrients if you first dilute it in water.