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Why big ag corporations want you to believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership will help you

The full 6,000-page text of the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” was finally released to the public Thursday, Nov. 5 — by New Zealand. 

American farmers who’ve been assured that the TTP will open up new markets would be advised to read the relevant sections of the pact and realize that:

1. The treaty would supersede U.S. sovereignty and jurisdiction of American courts. In effect, corporate trading firms would rule commerce — a final extension of the old “mercantilist” method of global governance.

2. Your personal privacy would erode under provisions opening up databases and communications for global “sharing.” Already you’ve seen how website ads “follow” your search interests, offering products similar to those you’ve been browsing or searching. Over time, your entire personal profile will become a salable product for international trade.

3. In agriculture, major biotech firms 




Here’s a sampling of contrary opinion:


An analysis by Erin Oubourn, CBC News, points out that your personal information is at risk. The site also offers a complete text of the agreement in PDF form.