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5-bu. yield gain on soybeans with MegaMag, Symbiosis AGx applied 2×2

Our consultant friend Jim Martindale asked us to check out two products as a 2×2 application with the planter: A magnesium nutrient and a biostimulant (lots of amino acids and nourishment for microbes) called Symbiosis AGx.  Result: a gain slightly over 5 bushels. Here’s the detailed data:

The average of 10 treated strips was 55.2 bushels. Five control strips averaged 49.9 bushels.  The average yield gain of treated strips was 5.4 bushels, which is within a bushel of being statistically significant at the 95% confidence level in a T-test. 

Two of the 10 treated 6-row strips in our 2015 trial with MegaMag and Symbiosis AGx, applied as 2×2 row support with the John Deere 7000 planter, topped 60 bushels.

 You can download a PDF of the data at this link.


55-bu. MegaMag and Symbiosis AGx beans

The rate applied was two pints per acre of each product, the same rate as we used for these products in-furrow on corn. The corn results with Symbiosis AGx in-furrow were reported earlier on our website at this link.

Our overview of this field trial: We suspect that the response to these two products — a nutrient and a biostimulant — would have been more significant if applied in-furrow, right behind the seed. That’s a trial we couldn’t get done this season. We only had 55 soybean test strips available, and focused just on this project along with the Vitazyme trial.

Symbiosis AGx is derived from whole, freshwater fish. It is made by Symbiotic Ag Products, 415 East Prairie Ronde St., Dowagiac, MI 49047. Company phone: 574-318-0004.

MegaMag manufacturing rights have been acquired by Innovative Surface Solutions, with offices in New York state and Ontario. Contact is Jeremy Schulz. It’s also distributed in Canada by Cangrow, according to Ray McDonald from CanGrow.

Our original information on MegaMag came from crop consultant Jim Martindale of Indiana.