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We’ll have “Vitazyme” available for you this season for the first time

Renewable Farming LLC is offering for sale a long-proven biostimulant, Vitazyme, starting this season. It’s the first time we’ve offered an established biological product.

Since 2008, we’ve focused on field-testing commercial yield boosters to find the ones which generate yield response — and which ones work best with WakeUP as a surfactant and mobilizer.

We found an outstanding yield booster in Vitazyme, made by Vital Earth Resources of Gladewater, Texas. Years of field testing worldwide show consistent and profitable yield gains of about 7 bu. per acre in corn and 2 to 4 bu. in soybeans.  Our own field tests verified that yield response. We’re working with Vital Earth in further testing. It can be used as a seed treatment and foliar. Our latest test with Vitazyme was in 2016 on corn. A photo of Paul Syltie at our test strips is nearby.

We expect Vitazyme alone as a foliar on corn will generate about a 7 bu. average yield response. That’s very cost-effective. And what we expect from Vitazyme after testing in our own field trials is this: Add 5 ounces per acre of WakeUP Summer with the Vitazyme, and yield rises about another 4 bushels.  Total yield gain, 11 bu. or $38.50 worth of corn. That’s about a 4 to 1 rate of return. Call us for prices and availability (Jerry at 319-240-45478, Erik at 319-610-2506 or Jeanene at 319-610-5239). 

Dr. Paul Syltie

Here’s a bit of background on we gained confidence in Vitazyme: We met Vital Earth’s research director, Dr. Paul Syltie, on several of his visits to the ACRES research farm near us here at Cedar Falls. For several years, Paul has hired a longtime friend of ours, Dr. Bert Schou, to run plot trials on Vitazyme at the ACRES test farm (Agricultural Custom Research). We’ve done the same at ACRES with WakeUP.  Bert introduced us to Paul Syltie. We found Paul has the same goals we do: Improving soil land crop health for more nutritious crops and higher profits.

Over a few years we became more closely acquainted, and helped Paul host a delegation of Ukrainian farmers for a visit to local soybean producers in our area.

We read one of Paul’s books, “How Soils Work,” and realized the width and depth of his crop and soil biology knowledge. 

After testing Vitazyme on our own fields, and seeing that nobody in our region offers it, we asked the manufacturer, Vital Earth Resources of Gladewater, Texas, for a distributorship. Vital Earth Resources president Scott Hammer made that possible. Many national and international firms distribute Vitazye, including some of the world’s largest.

That’s the back story. What’s important to you is that Vitazyme is one of the most thoroughly field-tested biostimulants we’ve seen in eight years of attempting to “try them all” under Iowa field conditions. As you know, it’s tough to find a trace element package, specialty fertilizer or plant growth regulator that generates an extra two to five bushels of corn consistently. 

Vitazyme has shown constant, significant yield gains across many crops, in many countries, for many years. Our byword since 2008 has been, “Show us the data.”

Paul Syltie in company greenhouse lab

Here are some recent results which Paul Syltie just reported:

1. Results from South Dakota State University in 2016 revealed a 21 bu. per acre, highly significant yield increase on corn when Vitazyme was applied in-furrow at a reduced nitrogen rate. The 75 lb. per acre rate of N plus Vitazyme yielded the same as the 125 lb. per acre nitrogen rate without in-furrow Vitazyme at planting. Using N-15 Mass Spectrometer analyses, it was possible to determine that there was a great increase in the movement of nitrogen fertilizer into the grain, a 58.0% use efficiency versus a 42.6% use efficiency at the 75 lb. per acre nitrogen rate.
2. Results from the University of Missourii showed that for both corn and soybeans, Vitazyme, when mixed with glyphosate for foliar application, virtually eliminated the negative effects of glyphosate on Fusarium lesions in the roots. It also almost eliminated the typical dramatic drop in beneficial microorganisms noted in the root zone when glyphosate is applied alone. Also, the manganese reducers in the rhizosphere, essential for bringing manganese into its available form, were greatly reduced by glyphosate alone, but when mixed with Vitazyme this problem was removed. Glyphosate residues in the soil were also reduced with Vitazyme applied to the seeds and the leaves in both trials.
3. Syngenta in Brazil has performed trials for three years using Vitazyme as a soybean seed treatment, and has found that it outperformed other “standard” biostimulant seed treatments. It is now being used throughout that country on soybeans. Its success rate for profitable yield improvement is an unheard of 85%.


For a great deal more research information, visit the Vitazyme website at this link —

and scroll down on the page to see links to annual research results as well as  links to results by crop.