Renewable Farming

Updates on WakeUP, Bio-Empruv studies available via a quick download here

You can get details on the new Bio-Empruv corn yield booster by downloading our one-page summary field research showing how Bio-Empruv raised corn yields in our tests.

The yield results show how WakeUP Summer adds more yield response when it’s tank-mixed for foliar application.  As far as we’ve seen, our Renewable Farming research farm trials conducted for crop consultant Bob Streit are the only random-rep field trial data confirming Bio-Empruv yield response.  However, Bob and Marv saw definite responses in whole fields in 2016. We’ve reported such results from the Dave Schwartz farm; you can review the data at this link

Bio-Empruv will be widely available in 2017.

For a preview of our field tests, you can download a PDF of our one-page summary flyer on Bio-Empruv at this link. 

Bottom line is that WakeUP Summer enhances the performance of the biostimulant, Bio-Empruv, which is made by 

There’s further background at the Central Iowa Agronomics website, including field observations from Bob under the “News” tab.

Bio-Empruv was developed by researchers working with Ken Hamilton of Bio Minerals Technology.  Here’s a link to a data page on their site, showing how the product teams with full-season nutrition to strengthen corn immunity and extend corn’s late-season kernel fill.