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From the makers of WakeUP: We’re passing our volume savings on to you!

Our WakeUP team opened new markets in 2016, which helps us get volume savings on top-quality ingredients. 

We also tripled our manufacturing capability. Once more, we can pass along our efficiency to you.

Feb. 1, 2017 — We’re offering a special sale price for WakeUP Spring or Summer: $85 per gallon. That’s $5 off our regular $90 per gallon price. (If you’ve been buying WakeUP since 2009, remember…. it was once $155 a gallon back then.)

You can save even more: We’re giving you a $5 bonus for early orders paid by Feb 28, 2017. That makes it only $80 per gallon. Your cost per acre for three ounces of WakeUP Spring in-furrow is only $1.88. Five ounces of WakeUP Summer per acre, to amplify yield response of your foliar sprays, is only $3.12. This price makes WakeUP directly competitive with toxic, petroleum-based surfactants and “stickers.”

And WakeUP Summer is unique. 

First, it’s safe to use. It’s made from biological oils, alcohols and other ingredients on FDA’s approved list of U.S.A. food additives.

Second, WakeUP’s mode of action uses “colloidal micelles.” These use ionic energy to make spray droplets clear-coat leaves, soften the waxy surface and carry foliar-applied nutrients quickly into plant metabolism. WakeUP does all three of these jobs to amplify performance of plant nutrients, biostimulants and herbicides.

Here’s how to take advantage of our pre-season sale special of $80 per gallon. 

Send your order and payment by Feb. 28, 2017. You can also call our office manager, Jeanene, with a credit card order (319-610-5239). We’ll ship your order on a date you specify.  Note: Our distributors price WakeUP independently, but we are also extending similar savings to them so they can pass along the benefit to you.

Our field testing has found four cost-effective products we’re offering in 2017:

• Vitazyme is a well-proven biostimulant. It’s made by Vital Earth Resources of Gladewater, Texas. Field trials on our farm and in commercial field research trials confirm that WakeUP enhances Vitazyme’s yield response. 

• Symbiosis AGx is a unique biostimulant which WakeUP makes even more effective.

• 20-20-20 fertilizer with traces. It a dry soluble that’s a very versatile, yield-bumping foliar. 

• “Lignition,” a dry soluble product refined from crop lignin. It contains growth-stimulating enzymes which enhance chlorophyll efficiency.

Watch this website for announcements on other potential products and services. A biologically friendly burndown product is still under tests, but we may have some available for field trials in 2017.  Our intention is to cooperate fully with our distributors to enhance and complement their nutrient product lines.

Thanks again for your trust, enthusiasm and fresh ideas.  Call or e-mail any of our family team members, anytime!

To order directly, call Jeanene Carlson  (319-610-5239)  Or e-mail

For technical questions, call:

Erik Carlson (319-610-2506)  Or e-mail

Jerry Carlson (319-240-4547) Or email

Also, if you’re totally new to using WakeUP, you can download the 8-page PDF guide shown at the bottom of the home page.