Renewable Farming

Update on Dave Schwartz 2016 corn yields with full-season foliars

Bob Streit’s yield summary of Dave Schwartz corn program for 2016, with a full season foliar nutrition program and Bio Empruv on some fields as a treatment for the “new” Goss’s wilt entity:

  • Low river bottom fields, surrounded by trees and having a terrible disease history.
  • Best yield ever on whole farm:                   165
  • Best yield checks ever before this year:       225
  • Corn on bean, terraced. No Bio Empruv       165
  • Corn/corn, flat ground, all treatments:     275-295
  • Corn on corn, all treatments, long rows:. 245-255
  • Flat spots, all treatments, c/sb:                285-340

The corn stayed totally green thru late September and was still 85-90% green on Oct 9. Stalks were white and solid at harvest. Best I have seen.