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The Institute of Sustainable Nutrition fires three shots… heard around the world

History confirms that every dramatic shift in human worldviews starts with just one or two courageous individuals who sacrificially pursue the truth. That’s what we’re seeing in the struggle to expose the facts about health effects of glyphosate.

March 28, 2018 —  Last weekend, a seminar sponsored by the Institute of Sustainable Nutrition based in Granby, Connecticut brought together medical doctors and nutritionists to hear three leading specialists summarize current research about the health impact of glyphosate. The Institute posted the presentations on YouTube. We’ve linked to them below.

One of the speakers, Dr. Don Huber, last year gave more than 160 presentations in 40 countries, focusing on plant health, human health and the dual impact of glyphosate and transgenic crops. His presentation linked below zeroes in on the human health aspects of glyphosate. It’s probably one of the first times that medical doctors in the audience have seen such data.  We invite you to watch each of these presentations.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff:  Part 1 of “Soil, Plant and Human Health Effects of Glyphosate”

Dr. Don Huber:  Part 2 of “Soil, Plant and Human Health Effects of Glyphosate”

Dr. Lorrin Pang: Part 3 of “Soil, Plant and Human Health Effects of Glyphosate”