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First time we’ve seen a food retailer assure its products are tested for glyphosate

Our researearch agronomist friend Jim Porterfield just sent us a heads-up. An experienced online food marketer, Healthy Traditions, has checked out products to determine which have glyphosate content.  This is a “first” as far as we know among food sellers. Several offer non-GMO products or organic products, but that’s not an assurance that foods are totally glyphosate-free.

April 3, 2018 — You can read the details that the Healthy Traditions supplier reports concerning glyphosate. One eye-opener is that only organic rye and millet grains were found glyphosate-free. Although there’s no GMO wheat, Healthy Traditions tested ordinary wheat from several sources and found: “All tested positive for glyphosate residue. The range was from 0.07 mg/kg to 0.09 mg/kg.”  

That probably came from the fact that the majority of U.S. and Canadian wheat use glyphosate as a desiccant before harvest. 

Only organic rye and millet tested glyphosate-free.