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State of California publishes intent to list glyphosate as carcinogenic

On Sept. 4, California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment published a “Notice of Intent” to list glyphosate and three other ag chemicals as known to cause cancer. 

Such a listing would not bar use of the chemicals, but would require a warning label. 

The details of the agency’s intended rule are shown on the state’s website at this link.

If you visit the agency’s website, you’ll note an opportunity for citizens to make written comments by Oct. 5, 2015. 

Reuters reporter Carey Gilliam was among the first to report on this development; the article is at this link.

Moms Across America is actively supporting California’s action. It will be interesting to see how the makers of herbicides respond.

Zen Honeycutt

We’ve picked up comments (below) from an e-mail message from Moms Across America founder and director Zen Honeycutt.

At Moms Across America we are thrilled that the CA EPA is considering taking the lead in acknowledging the harm that glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world, is causing to our residents. California has the most toxic water in America, besides Hawaii, as stated in a recent water report, due to chemical farming.  We wish our federal EPA would also have the courage to acknowledge the harm from glyphosate and take action.

 We want to take a moment to acknowledge the dedicated people at the CA State Grange who worked with the Environmental Working Group to propose this classification. It is the courage and committment of citizens like them who can literally change the world, one state, one country at a time. It is not easy, it is not popular and it is not well paid… but the generosity of these people prevails and we THANK YOU so much!

We also want to thank all the supporters who sent in their tap water, urine and breast milk to test for glyphosate and raise awareness. You can still get your water and urine tested for glyphosate (and soon breast milk) at Please get tested if you can. These new tests are deemed valid by the EPA and will make a huge difference for our cause.

We also ask the federal EPA- if you acknowledge that glyphosate is a “reproductive effector” and “causes liver and kidney damage” on your fact sheet and now a “probable carcinogen” as stated by the World Health Organization, why would you allow glyphosate on our food at all?
Why not protect the peple and revoke the license and ban glyphosate from sale or use?

Could it be that our governement regulatory agencies feel pressured by the chemical companies?
Does the EPA think the few hundred lawyers who work for Monsanto are more important than the millions of mothers, fathers, children and babies who are sick in America today from toxic exposure?
Does the EPA think that the pressure of the chemical companies is more formidable than the grief from a lost loved one?

1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females are EXPECTED to get cancer today in America.This is NOT normal. This is caused by environmental toxins and we MUST Take action to reduce the exposure of our communties to toxic chemicals. 

1 out of 2 children in America have a chronic illness such as autism, asthma, auto immune disorders, allergies, diabetes or obesity. Many of these illnesses are accompanied by inflammation which can lead to cancer and many studies point to glyphosate as a major contributing factor.  Glyphosate is allowed on 160 of our foods by the EPA at levels FAR above what has been shown to destroy gut bacteria and promote pathogenic gut bacteria, which leads not only to leaky gut and a weakened immune system, but to the gut brain connection signaling the brain to create excitotoxins, which cause neurotoxicity. This is where erratic behavior, memory loss, loss of IQ tics and stammering in autistic children or adults with dementia appear. Dementia is now affecting adults in their 40’s and 50’s. Toxins are destroying the potential of America.

The fact is that our children and loved ones are the collateral damage for a war on bugs and weeds that was fabricated by the chemical companies for profit. Our farmers have farmed for thousands of years before GMOs, without cancer causing chemicals, and they can and are in many cases, farming even better now. Organic and biodynamic food is more nutritious, better tasting, has less synthetic chemicals if not none, and has a greater yield. See the Rodale Institute 30 year report for more info. We have faith in our farmers! They are ingenious, they can farm as they have for thousands of years, without toxic chemicals.

So yes, while glyphosate is being permitted on our food, which is completely unacceptable, LABEL IT DANGEROUS. Within two weeks labels can be printed and applied. But within 2 months, recalls should be enacted and these products should be removed from the shelves. The spraying of glyphosate as a dessicant and on our food crops should be stopped immediately. The fact is that the longer we allow glyphosate and toxic chemicals to be sprayed on our food, the more we destroy the microbes and nutrients in the soil, promote drought and loss of top soil, reduce the nutritional content in our food, weaken the immune system and impact the health of Americans and dimish the prosperity of our country.

Our farmers have already found alternatives. Look up

We, as families and as a country, cannot afford glyphosate. We cannot afford chemical farming.
Our families are priceless. Our country is priceless.
Let’s treat it with honor and respect and stop chemical farming altogether.

The EPA: Do not sell the health and future of America to the most intimidating chemical company.
Be strong, stand your ground, do your job, protect the American people.

Thank you.
Zen Honeycutt


Link to the Moms Across America website

Posted Sept. 7, 2015