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What researchers learned from 15 years of genetically engineering cows

One of the most unique and thorough studies of genetic engineering trials on cows was published today in New Zealand: Genetically Engineered Animals: The First Fifteen Years.

The report describes “…a sad and profoundly disturbing story of illness, reproductive failure and birth deformities that have consistently afflicted the genetic engineering trials.”

Authors of the report studied the research reports in detail, interviewed scientists and dug into unpublished working documents. Sponsor was the organization “GE Free New Zealand,” which is battling to keep transgenic crops out of New Zealand.  Opponents — primarily the multinational corporations — have recently intensified pressure on the nation’s lawmakers to drop barriers against raising GMO crops.

The long-term project was intended to genetically engineer cows as a means of producing milk with genetically altered proteins for drug use. 

Authors document that these drug ingredients are readily available from other sources in non-transgenic form. 

Meanwhile, deformities and disabilities in the transgenic animals has meant that “The animals’ suffering has been going on for many years, hidden from public view.” 

The complete, documented 26-page report can be downloaded from this link as a PDF (portable document file).