Renewable Farming

Photo from the combine cab this afternoon: 250-bu., 18%, from mostly green stalks

Robust soil biology is the foundation for this Latham corn number’s ability to stay healthy with green leaves into mid-October. The field in north central Iowa has a history of receiving cattle manure in recent. seasons. The grower also applied gypsum over the past several years when he could find a supplier.

October 12, 3021  Another reason for posting this picture: The photo was taken at 4:20 today, and it’s hitting the internet at 4:35. When farmers have cell phones and good news, the news can travel at light speed. And with GPS autosteer, the operator can snap a few photos on his phone as well as updating us on harvest progress.

The grower has gradually added soil biology products over the past several seasons, working cautiously toward non-GMO corn, and in 2022 will use 32% UAN for nitrogen — no anhydrous. It’s rewarding for us to see more farmers making incremental management moves to enhance soil health. 

Update Oct. 14: Here’s another positive signal for healthy soil: Mike Williams, agronomist with Gold Eagle Co-op for the past seven years, is joining the new BW Fusion firm in Fonda, Iowa. Mike also operates a farm, and is among the leaders who’ve tested new “bio” products in recent years. He often uses WakeUP to enhance performance of nutrients and biologicals, and shares on-farm test results with us.

Mike will take a lead role in marketing products from BW Fusion, which is a joint venture between Grant Wells of Wells Ag at Fonda, Iowa and Biodyne USA of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. BW Fusion has installed manufacturing facilities at the Wells Ag location near Fonda, Iowa, just 130 miles from us at Renewable Farming LLC. 

Lots of green leaves, plus functional xylem and phloem circulation in these stalks. Corn tests about 18%, 56 lbs. per bushel