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Oregon Right to know group warns end run by “DARK Act” sponsors

Advocates of the DARK Act — Denying Americans the Right to Know about GMO ingredients in their food — are apparently launching a new way to get legislation barring states and localities from imposing GMO food labeling.

Paige Richardson, Director of the group “Oregon GMO Right to Know,” sent us this message today:

“The good news: voters in Jackson County, Oregon have won a big victory. Their local restriction on GMO crops, passed in 2014 and fought at every turn by big junk food and pesticide companies, will finally go into effect thanks to a lawsuit settlement on Monday. (Dec. 7, 2015) This big win was the result of the hard work of folks like you, and this victory sends a clear message that our voices cannot be ignored.

“The bad news: As we speak, the Big Food lobby is trying to sneak a ban on local GMO labeling laws into the federal budget. Congress has to pass a budget bill by Friday (Dec. 11) or else the government will shut down, and lobbyists are using this as an opportunity to sneak in all sorts of bad policy. Right now, lobbyists for Big Ag are working overtime to convince lawmakers to put in language that would prohibit local jurisdictions from requiring GMO labeling.

“We can’t let Big Food hold our national budget hostage. Pick up your phone and dial 1-877-796-1949 to be connected with your senators and tell them you OPPOSE efforts to sneak a GMO labeling ban into the federal budget!

“This most recent victory in Jackson County proves that victory is possible. When all of us stand together and fight for our rights, we can and will win. But right now Monsanto and their special interest allies are counting on the fact that legislators and the American people won’t notice their latest trick. They want to sneak this GMO labeling ban past us just like they want to sneak GMO food past consumers.”