Renewable Farming

On-line eco-seminar Jan. 18-21 has a rich array of presenters

You can join an online seminar organized by Soil Regeneration Unlimited Jan. 18-21 which will bring you the latest, greatest information from leaders like Don Huber, Mary Lucero, Anthony Samsel, John Kempf, Monika Kruger, Bob Streit and many others including Jerry Carlson.  We’ll be focusing on foliar feeding technologies — ways to apply the nutrients which the experts are encouraging.

Dr. Monika Krüger

You can check out the agenda and register by visiting this website:

Here’s the seminar reminder as e-mailed today by conference organizer Jim Martindale:

The time to register for the Annual Producers’ Conference is at hand.

To do so and to see the schedule of speakers, workshops and discussion groups all you have to do is make your way to our

Your registration fee will get you access to the content of the webinar for the month following the conclusion of the webinar anytime you want.

You can also register, read more about the content of the Webinar series which spans four days on the Soil Regeneration Unlimited Facebook page… clicking here

Dr. Lucero has been gracious enough to host the webinar event for us all using “”.  We will be having lunch and suppertime breaks each day. You will only have to register once for the three days of the SRU Conference content. You’ll be able to ask questions either thru live chat texting or directly over your microphone depending on the speaker’s prerogative.

Wednesday the 20th of January is devoted to the Microbial Density and Diversity Workshop with Dr. Mary Lucero. You must register for this event separately from the Webinar series go going here.

You’ll learn more about the presenters on SRU’s Facebook page. Please share and post and pass along to friends and neighbors who have an interest in correcting the course of health and environment in this country and others that the US influences.