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No sale, yet, for Obamatrade in the House

Most of the “major” ag media will be pleading for revival of the Obamatrade bill, which crashed and burned in 302-126 House vote today, June 12. 

It’s incredulous that our lawmakers concealed the actual legislation from the public, with even Paul Ryan saying us ordinary citizens can read it after the elite insiders turn it into law.  What’s actually “in” the legislation is a massive authorization of a trans-national trade authority which would respond primarily to multinational corporations  such as Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow.

Buried in the unread pages is specific language which would subject a participating nation to penalties for blocking ag biotechnology, which would include transgenic crops. This is a cherished goal for the major biotech firms who are frustrated that India, for example, is super-cautious about genetically modified crop imports.

One of the writers we most respect, Jack Wheeler, posted these comments in the weekly “Half Full Report” today on his site, To the Point News:


As this is being written, the best news of the week arrived – that early this afternoon (6/12), Obamatrade went down in flames in the House, 302-126.  This is a massive defeat for Zero, who personally showed up on Capitol Hill this morning to lobby for passage.

It’s also a massive defeat for the entire Pub Rino Establishment.  The whole thing is a garbage bag of weirdness.  Boehner refusing to let the bill be public, Paul Ryan going over to the Dark Side, Pelosi defying Zero and rallying Dems to ally with every Pub conservative to vote no, Ted Cruz supporting it, on and weird on.

Three lessons:  1) When Zero passionately backs something, no matter how good it might be it’s automatically suspect; 2) No more giant bills with hundreds of hundreds of pages in which any slimy crony capitalist amendment can be hidden; 3) Never again try to pass an important bill keeping the text a secret.


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