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Moms Across America: Join a July 4 parade to speak up for healthier kids

You’ve probably enjoyed one of America’s most encouraging experiences: Watching or even participating in a local July 4 parade. This July, hundreds of small-town parades will see Moms Across America banners carried by mothers and their kids — urging families to choose healthy, non-toxic food.

June 25, 2018 — Moms Across America, now a nationwide force, is quickly taking point in the Food Revolution shaking up the country’s food industry. Old standby brands are fading. Fresh, organic and non-GMO are in. The impacts are rippling out from retail stores to rattle the food chain all the way back to the farm. 

Lest you doubt the tenacity of American women, reflect on their battle to gain the right to vote. Its leaders organized a small group in Seneca Falls, NY in 1848, morphed through many forms during decades of struggle, and won approval of the 19th Amendment in 1920. 

Today’s crusade for safe, healthy food is fueled by even greater urgency: Moms fiercely defending the health of their families. They see the evidence that something is wrong with what’s supposed to be the world’s most abundant and cheapest food system. They’re extracting the evidence. Seeing their kids recovering from autism, diabetes, obesity — if they take the lead to toss the junk food and restore a fresh, healthy and toxin-free balance. 

They’re amplifying success stories through social media, bypassing the corporate propaganda mills which assure Americans that glyphosate residues in food are perfectly safe and transgenic crops are “substantially equivalent.” Individual examples of recovering kids are carrying more convincing impact than multi-million corporate ad campaigns.

Parade banners often get picked up by local TV networks.
This is a TV screen shot of one such parade
with a Moms Across America banner

One example of getting the word out: California-based Moms Across America is encouraging local moms to round up volunteers and carry a banner in a local July 4 parade. Advocating for a clear-cut good cause, not just screaming against evil empires. 



Here’s the appeal just sent to members and friends by Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt: 

The biggest issue we face in our cause for health and freedom is not enough people knowing the truth, the issues, and the solutions. If enough people knew- it would not matter who is in office, or what the chemical or pharmaceutical companies did…because we consumers would not support injustices with our dollars. We have the numbers and the power. If we don’t buy it (or refuse it), they can’t sell it. It will go away…

So how do we have as many people find out about GMOs and toxins in our food, water, medications & vaccines, household products and environment? Pass out our new flyers at your local 4th of July parade or event! It’s a patriotic thing to do — sharing the truth and caring about your community.

Giving a stranger a flyer with a smile on your face and saying, “Happy 4th of July! Here’s a flyer about health that could really support your family!” may seem like it would feel awkward… but it actually feels freeing…when you make eye contact you are getting in touch with humanity — their curiosity, their trepidation, their gratitude or hopefulness, and you feel like you made a difference…maybe could have made a new friend if you weren’t walking alongside a parade and passing by! That moment of connecting makes all the difference in the world. You are not an infographic on social media, you are not a “news” flash, you are not an angry protester. You are an approachable smiling neighbor. Real, present, and supportive of their family’s health. 

Joining in or attending the parades and walking alongside the crowd to pass out flyers, before, during or after the parade works. It is the only time of year that you have so many neighbors as such a captive audience. We highly encourage you to do this.

It is not enough for your family to eat organic, avoid toxins in vaccines or medications and the environment. Your children’s future spouses, employers or their current caregivers, friends, teachers, and classmates are out there. They need to be physically and mentally healthy in order for your family to be safe. You and we want a healthy, happy family in the future foreveryone! This is a community issue!

We CAN create healthy communities together! It just takes one person to step up in each area.

To get started: see if a parade near you (some are pre-posted to our events page). Sign up with your parade organizers to attend! We will need one person to act as the contact person and pay only for shipping (about $20) for the free box of over 1,000 flyers. Email us at if you can do this.

If a parade near you is not listed, there is still time to email us the parade info you will attend, with date, time, exact address to meet (like 123 Wood Street- not cross streets) and your contact info. We will post the event and simply ask you to pay the $20ish dollars shipping of the 1,000+ flyers.

To join the parade and carry our banner, simply check with the organizers how to join in (sometimes a 2-min application needs to be filled out, sometimes you just show up) and then download our banner and upload it to Staples or Vista Print from our website.

In just a few easy steps you can be in front of 3,000 to 30,000 people in your local parade! YOU can cause a tipping point of health and freedom in a few hours!!!!

Together we CAN create health and freedom!

With Love From Zen and the Honeycutt Family and MAA Team


For a direct presentation from another motivated mom, visit this 15-minute YouTube video by Robin O’Brien. She was a top-level executive analyst who abruptly encountered serious food allergies in her own kids, and sought answers. Now she’s one of the most sought-after presenters among the many audiences who are anxious to learn how they can avoid health problems, or heal those already confronting their kids.