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Israeli developers produce “real” steak in a factory… without corn or beans

The Israel Institute of Technology and Aleph Farms of Rehavot, Israel just announced development of ribeye steak grown from living cells in a laboratory. Meat with the texture, appearance and taste of cuts from a steer.

February 11, 2021 — If culturing live meat cells in a production plant is more efficient than raising meat in live animals, this technology could find a growing niche in the global marketplace. You can read details of the announcement on these sites:

TechUnion, Israel Institute of Technology

Aleph Farms, meat growers


 Here’s an excerpt from TechUnion’s announcement:

“Aleph Farms Ltd. and its research partner at the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, have successfully cultivated the world’s first slaughter-free ribeye steak, using three-dimensional (3D) bioprinting technology and natural building blocks of meat – real cow cells, without genetic engineering and slaughter. With this proprietary technology developed just two short years after it unveiled the world’s first cultivated thin-cut steak in 2018 which did not utilize 3D bioprinting, the Company now has the ability to produce any type of steak and plans to expand its portfolio of quality meat products.

“Unlike 3D printing technology, Aleph Farms’ 3D bioprinting technology is the printing of actual living cells that are then incubated to grow, differentiate, and interact, in order to acquire the texture and qualities of a real steak. A proprietary system, similar to the vascularization that occurs naturally in tissues, enables the perfusion of nutrients across the thicker tissue and grants the steak with the similar shape and structure of its native form as found in livestock before and during cooking.”

Update February 16: Billionaire Bill Gates says rich countries should be eating 100% synthetic beef to reduce methane emissions supposedly adding to climate change.