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Irvin Osterloh among winners in Wisconsin Soybean Yield Contest


The 1st place winner in Division 4, RnK DeVoe Farms of Monroe, grew DuPont Pioneer P31T77R and harvested 98.34 bu/a.  In second place, Bahr Farms Inc. of Belmont grew Asgrow AG2535 and harvested 94.02 bu/a.  Also in Division 4, the Wisconsin Bean Team of UW Graduate students Adam Gaspar and Steve Vosberg grew DuPont Pioneer P28T33R and harvested 104.80 bu/a. The WI Bean Team is ineligible for official prizes as they are grad students of Dr. Conley; however, their efforts are still unofficially recognized.  

In Division 3, David and Karen Wilkens of Random Lake won 1st place with NK S20-T6 Brand at 93.04 bu/a, and in 2nd place, Jim Salentine of Luxemburg harvested 83.76 bu/a with Steyer 1401L. 

In Division 2, Thad Sparby Farms of Arkdale achieved 72.87 bu/a from FS HiSOY HS 19A50 for first place.  In 2nd place, Osterloh Farms of Arkdale harvested 68.87 bu/a from FS HiSOY HS 23L50 soybeans.  

In Division 1 at 75.16 bu/a was David Lundgren from Amery who planted Croplan R2C1572.  2nd place winner in Division 1 was Dawn Lundgren from Amery.  She harvested 68.40 bu/a from Croplan R2C1400.

Thad Sparby Farms of Arkdale was also the winner of the Soybean Quality contest with 2,361 pounds of protein plus oil per acre.

The contest is sponsored by the WI Soybean Program and organized to encourage the development of new and innovative management practices and to show the importance of using sound cultural practices in Wisconsin soybean production.