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How WakeUP Summer mobilizes foliar nutrients fortified with phosphites

These bar charts reveal another greenhouse lab test showing that WakeUP Summer is effective in gaining absorption for more of the new foliar nutrients containing phosphite. The phosphite molecule is not intended as a nutrient, but it’s reportedly effective for preserving crop health.

At least two Brazilian fertilizer firms are marketing such foliars in the United States. We’ve tested WakeUP Summer with two products from the Brazilian firm Intercuf. The product names: Fortress and Safeguard. They’re part of a lineup under the “Pure Brazil Brand” of nutrients made by Intercuf in Brazil. You can download a quick view of their makeup in PDF form at this link.

We also used the experiment to test an experimental formulation of WakeUP which is labeled “organic” in the charts. We’ve not found a colloidal micelle surfactant which does all that WakeUP does — made with ingredients which would meet OMRI qualifications for being unprocessed and from confirmed organic sources.  All ingredients in WakeUP Summer are food additives on FDA’s approved list of “Everything Added to Food in the United States.”  But that doesn’t make all of them organic. In several tests, we have yet to find any other formulation that matches WakeUP Summer’s performance as a surfactant, leaf surface cleanser, and carrier to translocate nutrients into plant metabolism. 

As we’ve seen with most other micronutrient foliar blends, WakeUP Summer translocates about twice as much of the applied key elements compared with spraying with water alone. The exception in this case is boron, which we’ve found a bit more difficult to “move” into leaf metabolism.  The WakeUP Organic experimental test blend fell far short of reaching WakeUP Summer’s performance. So we’re still working to come up with a formulation that performs well and can also meet USDA’s National Organic Program requirements.

Nitrogen, phosphate and potassium translocation rates about doubled in the presence of WakeUP Summer. Manganese (Mg) and sodium (Na) are easy to move into phloem circulation, and WakeUP moves them efficiently.

We are remodeling our greenhouse now, and plan further tests this winter to check WakeUP Summer with other versions containing phosphites.