Renewable Farming

How vertical tillage and sound biology raised soil productivity

A unique production seminar is just ahead March 11, 12 and 13 in three towns across New York. The same program will be available at each location.

Originator of the seminar is crop consultant Jim Martindale of Indiana. He, his son and others developed a highly effective vertical tillage implement, now sold nationwide as the Curse Buster.

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Below is Jim’s detailed announcement of the meeting. What’s especially unique about this form of vertical tillage is that Jim has access to a 30-year record of soil development with vertical tillage in upstate New York, at the Mason family farm near Cape Vincent, New York. These are Class 4 soils off the northern shores of Lake Ontario. And these are soils which produced the third highest yield of corn silage in a national contest by Golden Harvest Seeds.

What REALLY makes a soil and crop production system profitable? If the result isn’t healthy plants, animals and people then how profitable and sustainable is it in the long-term?
Are you using fungicides to keep your crops producing top yields? Resorting to drugs to keep animals alive? Taking pills yourself? How healthy are we!!
You might want to take a look at a different perspective on the foundational soil practices which have put this country in this condition. There actually is a way out of the mess. Organic producers are not exempted from being part of the solution.
Wednesday, March 11th meeting being held at the Holiday Inn-Waterloo NYS Rt. 414 Delaware Room
Thursday, March 12th meeting being held at the Ramada Inn on NYS Rt. 3 and I-81 in Watertown, NY
Friday, March 13th meeting being held at Quck’s Village Inn at 7239 US 20, Madison, NY

In this series of meetings taking place across the State of New York over the three days, dairymen,  producers of all kinds of crops, healthy-food advocates and the general public will have an opportunity to examine the evidence of a new wave of change that has been proving itself for several decades right in NY State. What began as just a modified form of tillage on a handful of farms in the North Country of NYS, has now revealed on one particular farm over the past 30 years a strategy which is exportable to just about any kind of farming enterprise.

The development of the soils on the Mason family farm near Cape Vincent, NY has been the impetus to investigate how these soils have changed and has helped pave a pathway to help others to develop the same results on their farms including certified organic operations.
The seminar which begins at 8:30 AM will spend a modest amount of time looking at the Mason’s Jefferson County Class IV soils, which in 2014 finished 3rd in a nationwide corn silage competition conducted by Golden Harvest Seeds. Martindale will then present a brief overview of several different examples of innovative soil and plant health practices which are in operation on different types of farming operations in the eastern half of the country.

The background building keynote talk follows with Frank Dean, Product Developer for Lido-Chem Inc.  After he has prepared the setting for the day, several other presenters from Indiana, Illinois, Texas and New York will round out the day with plenty of opportunity for questions and much debating. Topics include but are not limited to covercrops and how to use them more effectively, plant sap testing from Crop Health Labs in Ohio and lessons being learned by tracking the impact of herbicides on crops.

Discussion of the key elements involved in the restoration and regeneration of our soils will be rounded out by examining the ways that producers can positively impact the relationship of the soil microbial world and the plant. Ever think you would spend valuable time talking about growing a good-guy-fungus?

Registration via email at or phone (260-415-7374) is greatly appreciated. The cost of $30 includes lunch and a copy of the complete DVD of the original seminar presented in Bluffton, IN on January 26, 2015. Please specify which meeting location you are planning to attend. Come expecting a different experience and not the same’o, same’o at all. Pray with us.