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Farmers who switched to non-GMO crops find lower costs, equal yields, more profit

A detailed article by Laura Barrera for No-Till Farmer highlights how three farmers have raised profit margins by transitioning from GMO to non-GMO crops. 

They’re examples of how increasing numbers of growers are making the switch. Once more, No-Till Farmer leads the ag publication pack in “fair and balanced” coverage of this trend, as demand for non-GMO corn and soybeans rises.

Enactment of the “Dark Act” will effectively shroud the GMO content of GMO-sourced foods sold in the U.S., but we’d expect alert consumers to watch for labels showing “Non-GMO Certified” or other indication that the crops are not genetically modified. This trend, plus rising export demand for non-GMOs, should broaden the market for premium-priced non-GMO corn and soybeans. Laura Barrera’s article points out that even without a price premium, the cost saving on seed is about a $50 per acre incentive.

Laura Barrera’s report is one of those pieces where I think, “I wish I had written that.”  You’ll learn a lot from her highly specific summary of how these farmers are dealing with weed control and obtaining price premiums. 

Jerry Carlson   Aug 4, 2016