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Day 6 after planting, Vitazyme + WakeUP Spring edges a day ahead

Six days after planting is a long way from harvest. But today when a professional agronomist sent us this photo of germinating corn, we couldn’t resist publishing it as a clue to what might be ahead for this field test. If you’re still planting corn and have in-furrow capability, there’s still time to test this idea on your farm.

May 16, 2018 — Mike Williams, agronomist for Gold Eagle cooperative in north central Iowa, dug some germinating corn from 80 acres he planted six days ago, shot a photo and texted it to us. Both of these typical kernels came from strips treated in-furrow with Environoc 401 from Biodyne USA.

Planted just a few minutes apart

However, the kernel on the left came from strips planted a few minutes after the other one, but treated in-furrow with something else added: Vitazyme from Vital Earth Resources and WakeUP Spring from us. Mike tells us, “I made a pass across the field with the 401 in the tank, added Vitazyme and WakeUP Spring to the in-furrow mix, and made the return round with all three products. The seed treated with 401, Vitazyme and WakeUP is on the left.”

The emerging root of the kernel on the left is about a day ahead of the other one. It’s an early clue to seedling vigor, and a response to the effect of Vitazyme, a biostimulant.

We’ve been studying the synergism between Vitazyme and WakeUP for the past four seasons. In 2017, a few WakeUP clients tried the in-furrow combination of Environoc 401, Vitazyme and WakeUP Spring in-furrow with promising yield response. You can read a summary of one of those on-farm experiments in Iowa at this link

This season we’ve already arranged a field test with 16 strips to check out any potential benefit of this combination on soybean yields. 

If you’re digging and checking as crops emerge, snap a few iPhone photos of promising treatments and text us the pictures. Here’s the link.







After 9 days in the ground, seed on the left treated in-furrow with
Vitazyme and WakeUP Spring had four emerging roots.
The comparable seed had two. 

Update on germinating corn as of May 19: Mike Williams dug three days later and found germinating corn in the rows that were given in-furrow Vitazyme plus Wakeup Spring “had two more roots emerging” than seed in the row without this biostimulant and translocation booster.  

Both of these seeds received in-furrow Environoc 401 at planting May 10.  

So the story continues…