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Crystallization photos reveal dramatic differences between organics. non-organic crops

Skeptics argue that there’s no nutritional difference between organic and non-organic food. They may show you a chemical analysis which they believe backs their claim. But measuring amounts of minerals doesn’t reveal the dramatic beauty and order of minerals in organic food, compared with the distorted mineral structure of non-organic food.

August 12, 2019    By Jerry Carlson — A. W. Danzer’s dramatic book of photos comparing the crystalline structure of organic and non-organic food is the most amazing display I’ve seen of how nature’s pure mineral structure contrasts with contaminated fruit and vegetables. 

Danzer’s microscopic research resolves his original question: “Are foods a mere assembly of matter, or is there something more, such as an invisible life-energy and a coherent, ordered template conveying essential information which is a fundamental part of every living thing?”

His extended career in food science includes creating many food products, now in soaring demand by health-conscious people. His work also confirms the wisdom of physicians — especially pediatricians such as Dr. Michelle Perro — who prescribe totally organic foods for children suffering from multiple digestive disorders and other chronic illnesses. For these kids, organic food is their best medicine. My wife Jill wrote a review of Dr. Perro’s book, What’s Making our Children Sick. See it at this link.


Microscopic observation of crystal formation in sap squeezed from fresh fruit and veggies

reveals dramatic differences between organic and non-organic.

Link to showing ways to purchase the book

Jill and I browsed through Danzer’s 270-page photo book yesterday with our 11-year-old grandson. He quickly understood the difference in every side-by-side comparison of organic vs. non-organic mineral structure: “The organic fruit and vegetables have minerals that form into beautiful patterns, like snowflakes.The non-organic ones are all messed up by chemicals.”

Our grandson recalled that frost on a clean window forms spectacular, beautiful patterns. Another example: When you look at frost on tree limbs, you see order and beauty. If you do a web search on “crystal structure of minerals,” you’ll see the vast array of orderly structures which pure mineral elements form in nature. Each element builds a unique crystal structure.

Danzer’s point: Natural purity in plants enables them to release more energy for our metabolism than a crop that’s distorted by chemicals. One of our most-respected ag researchers, Dr. Carey Reams, reasons that plants grow on the release of ionic energy from elements taken up and metabolized by the plant. He called this concept the “Theory of Biological Ionization.” If the structural bonds of the plant’s energy source gets contaminated, growth suffers.

Danzer writes on page 19 of his book that this degree of intelligence depends totally on a “conscious Creator.” This Creator, he says, “is completely real and alive.”

His technique for making subtile life-energy visible allows Danzer and his colleagues a new paradigm allowing careful study of nature beyond the bounds of conventional physics and chemistry. 

Study of crystalline structures is also basic in other scientific areas, such as Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto’s images of the unique crystalline structures formed by freezing water under specific conditions. Scientists Rudolph Steiner and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer also experimented in this area. For many years in my own home, our family has benefited from “energized water” built with the Pursanova system. Among other benefits, we no longer need a water softener.  Farmers using water treated this way, along with a reverse osmosis system to purify their water, gain greater positive response to foliar nutrients sprayed on their crops.

The website has an extensive discussion of methodology for Danzer’s work. If  you search for this site in Google, the link opens  in German, but you use the blue “translate” instruction on the search engine link to convert the entire site to English.

Another Zurich-based website, — also in German, shows a wide array of healthy foods created by a team built around Danzer’s life-force principles.