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Bigger roots: First signal of in-furrow treatment with Environoc 401 plus WakeUP Spring

Here’s an early glimpse of how soybean roots looked two weeks after planting with, and without, Biodyne USA’s “Environoc 401” and WakeUP Spring applied in-furrow. Both sets of soybeans were dug from their side-by-side position in a 30-inch row, with a single spadeful of dirt.

May 29, 2018 — This is just the first glimpse of differences in an experiment conducted by the custom field research service ACRES based near Cedar Falls, Iowa. The trial is for Biodyne USA. We will track its progress through the season, winding up next fall with data on yields, soybean test weight and moisture content. The research strips are on the farm of Steve Schmidt near Denver, Iowa.

The larger four seedlings on the left had Environoc 401 plus WakeUP Spring applied in-furrow.  The four on the right had no Environoc 401 / WakeUP combination. When we checked the strips this morning, there was a visual difference in the top growth: The 401-treated strips were notably taller.

Digging samples confirmed more vigorous roots on the rows with Environoc 401, which is a blend of beneficial bacteria selected for their ability to make soil nutrients more soluble.  Back at the lab, we washed the dirt off both sets of plants and weighed them. The four in-furrow treated soybean plants weighed 2.4 grams, 62% heavier than the untreated ones. 

Stay tuned as further field results come in from farmers.  

If you are close to finishing soybean planting and have in-furrow application ability, there’s still time to snag some Environoc 401 and WakeUP Spring to check this out on your own soils. Contact us.