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New battalions of Moms rise up to rescue America from an insidious enemy

After WWII, General Dwight Eisenhower said that our nation couldn’t have won the global war without the “contribution of the women of America, whether on the farm or in the factory or in uniform.” This Memorial Day, it’s appropriate to honor a new generation of American women who are counterattacking a global threat that could cripple our nation.

April 28, 2018  by Jerry Carlson — Most Americans cringe from confronting today’s soaring rates of food allergies, cancer, autism, diabetes, digestive disorders such as Crohn’s,  plus many other chronic diseases in America.

Just as women helped defeat WWII aggressors, a new generation of empowered Moms are challenging the very real threats of toxic food and chemicals that are disabling their kids. 

This is a solemn day when we honor those who gave their lives for America. But “in a larger sense,” as President Lincoln said at Gettysburg: “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.”


Cover of Zen Honeycutt’s book empowering Unstoppable Moms

Therefore this Memorial Day, we’re honoring Moms Across America and their allies worldwide who are counterattacking the “unfinished work” of restoring toxin-free food in America.

A leading banner in this battle: The just-published book Unstoppable by Moms Across America founder Zen Honeycutt. It’s her personal, powerful story which began with her three children’s food-linked illnesses. Conventional medical treatments couldn’t cure her kids. A healthy organic diet did. The first half of her book documents the many proven links between human health and genetically modified foods and their linked, multiple toxins. The chief health disruptor: glyphosate residues, even those far below federally-approved “safe” levels. But Moms Across America is not attacking glyphosate alone. It’s motivating Moms toward foods which are as nutritious and toxin-free as they can find. It’s hard to find a totally toxin-free food in an America permeated with pesticides. It’s easier in the 25 nations which have banned or sharply constrained glyphosate use. But mothers are finding healthier choices of foods — primarily organic from assured sources.  “Non-GMO” is not an assured redoubt from glyphosate. Many small grains and other non-GMO crops are desiccated with glyphosate, or glyphosate is sprayed as a premerge burndown.

No creature on Earth is as ferocious as a mother defending her young. And we’re seeing, in America, this emerging army of women warriors determined to defeat the multiple food-related plagues damaging their children. Moms Across America and other activist groups are showing thousands of mothers and grandmothers how to win against embedded corporate/government powers with the most effective weapon: Truth. In 1770, future American president John Adams famously said, “Facts are stubborn things.” Stubborn too are Moms determined to heal their kids from chronic rashes and digestive pain and allergies which lead to endless rounds of medications, which spiral down into unpredictable emotional behavior and more drugs.

Zen Honeycutt’s personal learning campaign at the outset of her kids’ health crisis led her to open-minded scientists we’ve cited many times on this website. That includes Don Huber, Anthony Samsel, Michael Antoniou, Matt Buckley, Stephanie Seneff and Vandana Shiva, to name just a few. She also enlisted the expertise of farmers and ag consultants like Howard Vlieger, Bob Streit and Michael McNeill. For us, reading her book was somewhat of a reunion with many friends. 

How to take effective action is the mobilizing message she conveys clearly in the concluding chapters. We’re amazed at how just a few facts, revealed by helpful mothers, have leveraged social media and national press response. Example: Ten mothers volunteered to send Microbe Inotech Labs in St.Louis samples of their own mothers’ milk fed to their nursing babies. The Elisa tests available were able to detect only levels above 75 parts per billion. Even so, three of the ten samples tested above that level. The Moms Across America news report went viral on social media, prompting the mainstream networks to report it. The president of Microbe Inotech Labs, Bruce Hemming, told me later that when the news hit, two Monsanto reps immediately showed up at his lab and demanded an identity trail for the samples —despite promises of confidentiality given to volunteer moms. Bruce told the reps to have a nice day.

The Moms crusade triggered other efforts to measure glyphosate residue in our foods. Although corporate trolls sometimes sneer at these women as “blogger mommys,” Moms Across America has launched effective campaigns. When EPA ignored the Moms’ request for a meeting, Zen launched an e-mail to Moms. They  clogged the EPA’s phones until a top official begged, “call them off.” The agency offered an open, face-to face meeting with group members. The Moms website constantly alerts millions of mothers of adverse regulatory moves, like USDA’s camouflage of GMO food labels.

A fresh example of their leverage: After seeing several Moms Across America reports on glyphosate tests in food, an international research institute is mobilizing a Global Glyphosate Study. Intent: provide independent data on glyphosate residue and its epidemiological impact. EPA, FDA and USDA routinely test for hundreds of chemical residues in food. But they’ve never systematically tested for glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide. 

Another new book confirms every aspect of Zen’s experience: What’s Making our Children Sick. It’s authored by pediatrician Michelle Perro and research scientist Vincanne Adams.

There’s much more to say. But as a farmer and Air Force veteran with great respect for Memorial Day, I encourage you to honor those who sacrificed to keep America free — by joining the Moms Across America crusade to restore health-giving qualities of America’s food.

Your family members, as a food producers, have a great deal to gain when you do!