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Avoiding TTP can create alternate opportunities for quality ag products

Biodiversity advocates cheer Trump’s opt-out of the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership. TTP purports to open up ag markets but in reality is a cover for corporate governance of multinationals,  by multinationals and for  multinationals.

The TTP would be a return to the era of trading powerhouses on the pattern of the East India Company, England’s corporate base for the century-long takeover of India beginning about 1757. 

A dedicated agriculturist of India, Vandana Shiva, presents a detailed description of how corporate interests have manipulated for their version of “free trade” for decades.

Investigative reporter John Rappaport offered an editorial analysis today describing a clear distinction between nationalism and globalism, relevant to President Trump’s TTP declaration. 

Several ag groups are complaining about Trump’s ‘protectionist’ move and asking “how will the U.S. approach Asia now?” to gain fair trade access.

One answer is obvious but not easy: Produce what our Asian trade partners want to buy.

Another answer is to use alternatives to the major trade oligopolies like Bunge and Cargill — Alibaba, for example, which is a multinational trade platform used by almost 500 million consumers who purchase from Alibaba’s platforms at least once a month.