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Are you ready for climate change? Global cooling, that is

That headline is a repeat of an analysis we published more than two years ago, on Sept. 4, 2015. Although the current cold snap will undoubtedly be blamed on warming from carbon dioxide or other taxable notions, evidence keeps piling up that the power of long-term solar cycles holds the greatest agricultural significance.

Jan. 1, 2018 — We’ll start the year with by linking to that previous global-cooling report. Here’s our bottom line of the 2015 analysis of solar cycles, based on data sent to us by crop analyst Bill Fordham of Ohio, Illinois:

“If solar cycles “replay” with any consistency, odds are high that our latitude will soon experience major cooling — starting in the next few seasons and lasting until around 2024 — at least. 

“If a cooling decade does occur, survivors will deride the current climatechange, carbon dioxide controlling scandal as a mass deception. They’ll say it was designed to force taxpayers into buying carbon-release indulgences from the “Church of Global Warming.”

“The crop growers who will best endure any erratic weather of the upcoming decade or two will emphasize more diversity, more biologically active soil, and less dependence on purchased fertilizer and chemicals.”

In 2017, at least seven peer-reviewed scientific papers were published which anticipate the rising probability of global cooling in the near future: Here’s a link to the one website which assembled and summarized them. None of these studies aroused interest among the U.S. mainstream media. Our chattering class is still fulminating about America’s leadership recognizing the income-transfer scam embedded in the “Paris Climate Accord.”

Climate Depot

Update Jan. 5, 2018 — As our lead paragraph notes, the global warming, er, climate change believers are claiming this week’s East Coast blizzard and deep chill across much of the U.S. is a product of global warming.  Climate Depot sums up their doctrines at this link, including a comment from Al Gore.

Update Jan. 6, 2018 — Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh blames global warming for the northeast’s bitter cold and blizzard. He’s insisting that higher ocean levels are causing the problem; claiming the ocean is further inland. Behind this claim is the mayor’s appeal to build a $10 billion seawall to protect Boston’s filled-in marshland from tides. Federal funding, of course. The American Spectator report on the mayor’s plea is linked here. It will give you a warm reassurance that there are still remnants of sanity, somewhere in the media. There’s further entertainment in the reader comments following the Spectator article. Such as the reader who quipped, “100% of scientists agree that if they don’t express sufficient faith in global warming, their research funds will be cut off.”