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AgriEnergy Resources joins a bigger family with nationwide reach

AgriEnergy Resources tops off its 30th year of steady growth with a major advance: Teaming with a nationally-known firm to build a new Plant Health Division in a nationally-used firm, Douglas Products.

December 14, 2018   By Jerry Carlson — AgriEnergy’s owner, Paul Aley, and the management team of AgriEnergy Resources has explored several growth alternatives for more than five years.

Our connection with AgriEnergy began more than 30 years ago. I worked as an independent writer for AgriEnergy founder, Dave Larson, and the entire team since AgriEnergy was incorporated in 1988. In 2017, Renewable Farming LLC became a dealer for AgriEnergy, which has 120 reps across the country. AgriEnergy also markets Renewable Farming’s product, WakeUP.

There’s more on the 30-year history of AgriEnergy following this press release from Douglas Products:


Douglas Products Creates Plant Health Division

New Division Formed by Merger of Growth Products and AgriEnergy Resources

December 11, 2018 — Douglas Products announces the formation of a new Plant Health Division following the addition of two companies known for innovation in Biological plant nutrition and soil health. Growth Products, based in White Plains, New York, joined Douglas Products on October 19, 2018; and AgriEnergy Resources, based in Princeton, Illinois, joined on December 10, 2018. Growth Products produces and markets liquid nutrient and biological technologies serving the turf and ornamental, agriculture, arbor care and residential markets, and serves the citrus market in Florida through its G.P. Solutions division.

AgriEnergy Resources specializes in the development and production of microbial and other soil fertility products for horticulture and row crops.

“We are excited to expand our resources and expertise with the addition of two companies which each have over 30 years of proven track record for developing innovative solutions aimed at improving soil health and increasing plant productivity,” says Wes Long, CEO. “The mergers are a major step in our company’s vision

to expand its branded specialty chemicals and biological solutions portfolio for the Agriculture and Turf & Ornamental segments.”

“The announcement addresses an important issue within agriculture and T&O — the demand for proven sustainable biological technologies, adds Vince Adams, Chief Business Development Officer for Douglas Products.

“Under the Douglas Products banner, Growth Products and AgriEnergy Resources will capture R&D, Agronomical support and manufacturing synergies,” Adams says. “We will ensure that service and support to dealers, distributors and end-use customers will continue without disruption, but our main goal is to better serve customers by leveraging the combined strengths of all three companies. We will expand investment to develop new soil and plant health solutions both in the U.S. and overseas. And we will also take advantage of efficiencies in, logistics, warehousing, regulatory affairs and marketing.”

“Creation of a Plant Health Division is a strategic move,” Long adds. “Douglas Products has served agriculture for 103 years, primarily to protect grain. Its Ag product portfolio includes two postharvest fumigants, ProFume® gas fumigant and PH3 (phosphide) as well as several insecticide brands. The addition of Growth Products and AgriEnergy Resources now provides solutions from planting through post-harvest as well as expands the technology portfolio into the Turf & Ornamental market.”

Long says that Growth Products and AgriEnergy Resources will continue to operate from their current headquarter locations.

About Douglas Products

Based in Liberty, Missouri, Douglas Products is a specialty products leading provider of high-quality brands and services for global production agriculture and structural pest management. An Altamont Capital Partners portfolio company, Douglas Products is expanding its portfolio through product acquisitions and in-licensing agreements. Visit

About Growth Products

Headquartered in White Plains, NY, Growth Products has been a pioneer in environmentally-friendly bio-innovations, technically- advanced liquid fertilizers, micronutrients and effective biological control products designed for agriculture, horticulture and turf care for more than 30 years. Growth Products serves customers in more than 40 countries. Visit

About AgriEnergy Resources

Based in Princeton, Illinois, AgriEnergy Resources has been manufacturing high quality microbial and fertilizer products since 1988. The company is recognized for innovations to serve organic producers and farmers interested in renewable and sustainable technologies. Visit

Douglas Products, 1550 East Old 210 Highway, Liberty, MO 64068
Tel 800 223 3684

For further information, contact:
Hannah Strasser, Communications Manager

Here’s the AgriEnergy background, and the transition now underway

Dave Larson founded AgriEnergy Resources in late 1987 and began business with the 1988 season. He was a keynote speaker at several “Renewable Farming” seminars which I organized under the Professional Farmers of America banner.

I helped start the AgriEnergy Resources newsletter, and wrote it on a freelance basis for many years.

On Friday Feb. 9, 1996, I recall the paralyzing moments following the phone call from AgriEnergy telling me: “Yesterday, Feb. 8, Dave Larson went to be with Jesus.” At that time I was editor of the Pro Farmer newsletter, and as it went to press, I added a paragraph to honor his passing.

At the Nov. 28 dealer meeting in Princeton, AgriEnergy executive Mardel Robinson told dealers that Dave had died suddenly, unexpectedly. The autopsy described an enlarged heart. Mardel added that for Dave’s entire career, he had a big and compassionate heart for his farmer clients, which aligned with his mission to lead them into a more profitable “biological age” of farming.

The AgriEnergy team pulled together for the 1966 season following Dave’s departure. The brother of Dave’s wife Carolyn — Paul Aley of Tiffin, Ohio — stepped up to provide financial stability. He acquired ownership of the firm, assuring the security of his sister Carolyn, who now lives in California. Paul, a specialist in the industrial equipment business, also had a strong entrepreneurial drive. He and his wife Barbara wanted to see Dave’s legacy succeed.

At an AgriEnergy Resources dealer meeting in Princeton Nov. 29 2018, Paul Aley and General Manager Dean Craine described the coming transition into a key part of a well-run and diversified firm, Douglas Products. Paul also explained the rationale for this transition:

“Most people would say that when a young entrepreneur like Dave dies unexpectedly, his business will disappear within two years. But here we are, 20 years later, and we’re growing. But I’m now almost 75. And we need to make plans for orderly growth. The risk for AgriEnergy is, what if we grow quickly? How do we finance it? I don’t have the resources to make that happen. Barb and I have a heart for the AgriEnergy team, but I don’t know agriculture.

“Dave’s vision is intact and growing. Dean Craine and the AgriEnergy team has made that happen. But they need support.

“We’ve never gone out looking for someone to buy this business. We reasoned that the only way it should happen is for someone we highly respect to find us. And that’s what has happened. The owners of Douglas Products visited with us over the past couple of years. They have integrity.”

On the same day as the above announcement about the ownership transition, AgriEnergy announced three winter seminars. See the insert at right for dates and locations. 

With that seminar announcement, AgriEnergy said:

The future is here.

From the crop of farmers you’re raising (or raised), to the increased awareness and acceptance of biological farming, to the use of technology in making management decisions, to the growing number of bio-pesticides, and non-chemical weed control options, times are changing. All of which leave a legacy for next-generation farmers. 

As our general manager Dean Craine says, “With Grandpa’s wisdom, Dad’s guidance, and Grandson’s technology, tomorrow is looking bright for farmers.” 

And we couldn’t agree more! For that reason, we really hope you will be able to make one of our winter seminars to hear more about the next generation. That includes the next generation of products and the next generation of AgriEnergy!

We will be discussing: 

NDVI – Or, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, which utilizes plane, drone, or satellite pictures to measure plant health. It uses solar radiation to help the farmer identify crop status, plant health, or disease through digital images.  

Utilizing Endophytes – Beneficial bacteria/fungus that lives within any part of a plant (roots, stem, leaves, seed, pollen, etc.) for at least part of the plant’s life cycle. 

Premium Manure Treat – For two years this blend has shown the ability to “flash flocculate” soil.

Tilth-Induced Weed Control – Learn how to manage weeds through flocculation and aggregation, rather than chemicals alone. 

Stay Green Foliar – When used on test plots for the past two years, this specific blend is showing significant yield bumps.