Renewable Farming

A reliable way to enhance effectiveness of all your foliar-applied nutrients and crop protection products

For about 10 years, our research farm and home has relied on well water treated by a series of filters and finished with a Pursanova system, which is based on quantum physics. We’ve done many field and greenhouse tests showing that water treated with the Pursanova system promotes greater absorption of in-furrow and foliar-applied nutrients.

May 18, 2020  By Jerry Carlson — The system’s inventor and company CEO, Vatché Keuftedjian, keeps adding to his firm’s water treatment product line. Most recently, Pursanova has improved on the household-sized reverse osmosis unit which typically fits under your kitchen sink.

Vatché during interview in California

Today, Vatché surprised us a bit by e-mailing a link to an interview he gave at a conference at San Francisco University, conducted by the organization Spazio Tesla. This Italy-based research group is focused on quantum physics principles first discovered by electrical genius Nikola Tesla, (1856-1943). Here’s the link to the 3-minute interview with Vatché.

This interview was done in 2017, but we just learned of it now. In January, we published a more detailed description of Pursanova’s systems for agriculture following a conference near us in Webster City, Iowa. Here’s the link to that report. It’s timely as we move into spring and summer months for foliar applications. You can do a search on our website using the term Pursanova for previous reports on the benefits. But on the YouTube video linked just above, you can hear him in person.