Renewable Farming

A major motivation in Renewable Farming: The marvelous friends we meet!

Some entrepreneurs aspire to build a multi-million-dollar company, then sell it for billions. We aspire to meet more wonderful people we’ve gotten to know as friends and clients. Relationships with growers and product developers who are enthused, even passionate, about healthy food and healthy soil contain the real riches in our realm.

July 11, 2011 By Jerry Carlson — A few days ago, one of our WakeUP customers told me in an email that his family’s paradigm shift from toxic farming began in the late 1980s, when he began attending Renewable Farming seminars sponsored by Pro Farmer. He also read Renewable Farming features in LandOwner newsletter, a publication from Professional Farmers of America. 

After retiring from Pro Farmer, our family including wife Jill, son Erik and daughter-in-law Jeanene gradually built Renewable Farming LLC to market WakeUP products and encourage ecologically friendly farming to regenerate soil and enhance health.

Along the way we’ve met an exciting array of friends dedicated to the same goals. They’re enthused about farming; passionate about the positive changes they see in their farms’ topsoil and P&L bottom line. A vigorous profit margin encourages innovation, and they’re always testing, testing, testing.

And as we get to know the families of our farmer and supplier friends, their stories bloom even more. For example, we got acquainted with Vitazyme through that firm’s research director, Paul Syltie, and found that he has written two major books on ecological agriculture. One is “How Soils Work.” Another is “The Bridge to Eden,” a biblical-linked scenario toward recovering what might be called the soul of agriculture. Here’s the link to Paul’s books on Amazon. We learned today that Paul and his wife Sandy are celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Paul Syltie, research director for Vital Earth

And this week, we heard from another longtime friend, Vatché Kuftedjian, founder and president of Pursanova Inc., who is a dedicated advocate of a healthier agriculture. His specialty is building and marketing environmentally friendly technology for activating and conditioning water.  Vatché travels globally, speaks several languages, and his company has built and installed dozens of large water treatment units for huge industrial applications such as refinery heat exchangers. 

Vatché Kuftedjian

Vatché also has a passion for agriculture and healthier food. He knows that water is crucial for food production. His “Pursanova” water treatment systems activate water for significantly improved foliar nutrient transfer. Other systems sanitize water and increase its ability to hydrate cells. Many of these applications are described at the website. I encourage you to visit the site and scroll down the entire stack of installation types shown there. But note where Vatché starts: With an agricultural application. Specifically he leads off the top of his home page with a photo of our longtime friend and WakeUP client, Keith Schlapkohl. Keith energizes his agricultural spray water with a Pursanova system made by Pursanova, and cleans it with a reverse osmosis unit also made by Pursanova, running in sequence. Keith has repaid his investments many times over with improved yields and improved performance of crop protection products.