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40 pages of money-making ideas: The Vitazyme 2020 Research Report

Here at Renewable Farming, we’ve field-tested and sold Vitazyme for several years. It’s a consistently cost-effective yield booster for any crop, and a perfect companion with WakeUP whether you foliar-feed or apply in-furrow. 

Vitazyme is backed by 24 years of careful field testing worldwide, on virtually every kind of crop.

We recommend 13 ounces of Vitazyme per acre ($5.99) for foliar application; 8 ounces per acre ($3.69) for in-furrow use. Our experiments suggest that for in-furrow use, 13 ounces per acre or less of Vitazyme works effectively, while heavy rates such as 26 oz./acre don’t add more yield than the lighter rate. 

In past seasons you may have seen Vitazyme test results on our own random-rep field trials. You can search our site using the search word Vitazyme to see a list of our previous reports. One recent farmer trial, with a yield map, is at this link

Vitazyme’s director of research, Paul Syltie, roams the world conducting yield tests. You can quickly download and scan Vitazyme’s 2020 research report at this link. It’s 40 pages of clear, colorful results on multiple crops.

One of Paul’s field trials on corn in 2019, conducted in cooperation with our nearby ACRES research farm, showed these results (see the details on pages 11 and 12 of the downloadable PDF report):

— Vitazyme foliar at V8, 13 oz./acre:  165.3 bu./acre, an 8-bu. gain over the control. (That’s close to a $5 return per $1 of product cost.)

— Vitazyme on seed, 5 oz./acre: 163.7 bu./acre, a 6.4-bu. gain over the control.

— Vitazyme plus Biodyne’s Environoc 401 in-furrow: 163.4 bu./acre, a 6.1-bu. gain over the control.

We first met Paul Syltie when he was monitoring Vitazyme field trials nearby at the ACRES field research farm run by longtime friend Dr. Bert Schou. He’s always searching for synergism between Vitazyme, a biostimulant, and products that contain living, beneficial microbes. (Vitazyme does not contain bacteria or fungi.) 

Thus we asked Vital Earth Resources if we could become a distributor for Vitazyme, since it contributes to our search for biologically beneficial, cost-effective products. One additional benefit for our clients who are organically certified: Vitazyme has an organic version too. 

Let us know how we can help you test or expand your use of Vitazyme! Call Erik at 319-610-2506 or Jeanene at 319-610-5239.