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We’ve made news easier to read on your cell phone

Half of our website readers visit our website using a smart phone or tablet. We’ve enabled a new “Reader View” option when you open an individual story within our site, making the report easier to read with larger type and a text flow fitted to your screen.

August 9, 2017 — Here’s how to click on the easy-to-read “Reader View:”

1. When you visit the home page, you’ll first see a small-sized image of the entire page on the screen. When you touch the headline on a story within the home page, that individual story appears — but the text will appear small if you are holding the phone vertically, so the length of each line is short. 

2. When the individual story appears, there’s a momentary alert message, “Reader View Available” in the navigation bar at the top of your screen. At the left side of the navigation bar, there’s a small icon with only lines on it. Touch that icon, which links to a large text version, and the story is reformatted to fit your smartphone screen. You just scroll down to read the story, swiping upward the text you’ve read. Photos are also resized for easier viewing. (Note: The “Reader View Available” option occurs only when you’re holding the phone upright,  rather than horizontally.)

3. To return to the home page and select another story for reading, touch the left-pointing arrow at the bottom or top of your screen. (This “return” arrow appears when you’ve scrolled down to the end of the individual story.)

Other ways to extract the most information from our website:

— The “News Archive” tab opens a list of headlines which link to all our previously posted reports in the main news section. Some visitors start with this view of all the headlines, as it shows all headlines farther back into earlier days.

— The “Smart search” feature at the top of our home page helps you find specific words anywhere in the text among the hundreds of reports we’ve posted. It doesn’t search within the PDF files we often link to, just the text. Just type in your search word and click on “SEARCH”.

— Use the “Contact Us” navigation bar link to send us your personal message by e-mail on any product question or suggestion. We monitor our e-mail closely, and value your insight!