Renewable Farming

We’re celebrating July 4 with a foliar biostimulant to enhance your yields!


This season for the first time, we can offer you one of the most proven biostimulants we’ve found: Vitazyme. It’s from Vital Earth Resources, a family firm in Texas. Our on-farm tests shows foliar-sprayed Vitazyme raises corn and soybean yields when applied alone. And it raises yields even more when blended with WakeUP.

The Vitazyme literature with this letter gives you excellent details on  Vitazyme’s yield and quality benefits for a wide array of crops. The Vital Earth website (, presents dozens of Vitazyme research reports on crops worldwide. The corn report alone totals 150 pages of field trials dating back to 1997.

We’ve found from hundreds of field trials that it’s hard to find any nutrient, microbial mix or biostimulant that consistently and profitably enhances corn or soybean yields. Vitazyme does. And WakeUP amplifies its performance by increasing its absorption and translocation in your crops. One of our farmer-researchers measured a 10-bu. gain in soybeans in a 2016 split-field trial. Download the results of this test from the Vital Earth Resources site as a PDF at this link:

Call us for information, or to order. We can provide it in 2.5-gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums and 250-gallon totes.

One more opportunity: There’s also an organic formulation of Vitazyme for the same price!

Call or e-mail us for more information, or to order:

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July 7 update:  Temporarily sold out of Vitazyme, but a large inbound shipment should be here today or Monday! Please alert us so we can be ready to meet your needs!

Another little bonus:  If you buy some Vitazyme from us for the first time, we will also give you a $5 per gallon discount on WakeUP Summer for foliar application as the “companion” for Vitazyme.

In our replicated strip trials with soybeans, foliar-applied Vitazyme alone added 5 bu. of bean yield applied July 5 at 13 ounces per acre. Including 5 ounces of WakeUP Summer in the tank mix added another 2.1 bu. per acre for an additional cost of $3.50 per acre. Even with $8 soybeans, a $16 return for the $3.50 investment in WakeUP Summer is a rational risk-reward ratio.