Renewable Farming

We celebrate the U.S. flag every day, on every carton of WakeUP

People driving past our farm today will see a row of American flags fluttering above our pasture beside the road. It’s our salute to Flag Day.

June 14, 2021  But in a broader sense, we celebrate the U.S. flag every day. It’s displayed on every carton of WakeUP shipped to clients across the country and overseas. (See the label on our WakeUP carton below.)

Our three-generation family manufactures WakeUP in our own secure production plant here on the farm. Like other manufacturers using food-quality ingredients, we’re having to scramble for proven ingredients now in short supply. Fortunately we carry a modest reserve of jugged WakeUP Spring and WakeUP Summer for immediate shipment. Give us a phone call, text or e-mail anytime for info or delivery.