Renewable Farming

WakeUP Summer: Handy around the house as a cleaner

WakeUP Summer is a wonderful surfactant and carrier for virtually doubling the amount of nutrient your crops will absorb when foliar fed in the field. It’s also one of the best cleansers on the planet for cleaning spray tanks, greasy hands, and oily parts. 

Most ag “surfactants” are petroleum based, and their labels warn that they’re hazardous to handle. But WakeUP is entirely sourced from plant oils and alcohols. It’s a nanotech colloid — not a solution. 
Thus it’s great for washing windows, doing laundry and shampooing your dog or horse.We always use it for cleaning vegetables before we make juice.  We use an Angel juicer, and make almost a gallon of vegetable and fruit juice every day at our house. We wash veggies in a ratio of 1 ounce of the concentrate in a gallon of water (1:128). After soaking in “WakeUP water,” we drain  the cleaning solution and rinse the vegetables under running water. There’s no residual flavor of WakeUP on the veggies. 

WakeUP cleans counters, bathrooms, washes the car. Some suggestions: For windows, tabletops and counters where food is handled: Add a half-ounce of WakeUP 
Summer to 1 gal. of distilled or reverse-osmosis water. We like reverse osmosis water so there’s no calcium residue from the water. Use this as the solution in spray bottles to wipe dining tables and food preparation surfaces. A one-quart bottle of this ready-to-use spray solution is about 15 cents. There’s virtually no odor to this solution.  We provided WakeUP to a restaurant chain which used it in spray bottles to clean tables between customers. Freedom from odor makes it ideal for use around delicious aromas of food.
For laundry or dishwasher, use 1 tablespoon of WakeUP Summer plus 1 tablespoon of your favorite liquid detergent. We keep concentrated WakeUP Summer in a pump bottle near every sink and at the clothes washer, so we can just give the load a squirt or use it on our hands. A plastic scrubbie and a dash of WakeUP makes a stainless steel sink shine like new.
Need to cleanse a cut for safer healing? Wash your hands with WakeUP Summer concentrate. Then dilute WakeUP Summer 1:50 and wet a Band-Aid to extend the cleansing effect. The same 1:50 stock solution in a spray bottle will serve as a “squeaky clean” followup to your regular shampoo. (Spray it on your hairbrush and rinse lightly; bristles stay cleaner.) For a mosquito bite, anoint the bite with a dab of the concentrate to relieve the itch. Note: No biocidal claims are made. We’re pointing to cleansing ability.
To perk up house plants, spray with a dilution of 1/2 ounce of WakeUP Summer in 1 gallon of water during your regular plant watering, or about once a week. WakeUP, sprayed on leaves by itself or with a foliar nutrient, accelerates sugars from leaf chlorophyll cells and improves vitality of the plant.  
We also keep WakeUP Summer concentrate in a pump jar at our shop cleanup sink, and in our mudroom sink where we wash up after greasy farm work. You don’t need much. Wet your hands, squirt on a little WakeUP Summer. It will quickly lift grease and grime from your hands.  This is the same WakeUP Summer we use in our farm spray tanks to mobilize foliar plant foods. It’s all made from plant sources… no petroleum products. We describe its use as a cleanser simply to point out that it’s safe to handle.