Renewable Farming


Testing Kip Cullers’ “Compass”

WakeUP is designed to make good foliars even better.

On average, if a foliar nutrient adds 5 bu. of corn by itself, including WakeUP in the tank mix will increase the performance another 4 bu., or about 80% of the original yield increase.

We’ve just completed a test application of Kip Cullers’ new “Compass” foliar fertilizer on corn. So this fall, we will have a yield check on how much we “helped” that product perform, if any. The label on “Compass” suggests using a surfactant.

We’re also field-testing another foliar, Vitazyme, which is one of the best-researched foliar nutrient formulations out there.

And we have several more strip trials with products from Jim Martindale including Mega Mag, for 2×2 use. 

We’ve equipped our research planter with the ability to deliver nutrients beside the row, 2×2, and separate nutrients in-furrow. It’s a 6-row planter, and we’ve set up two pumps to feed three rows each. Thus we can deliver any combination of three liquid nutrient packages.

Our preferred plot test protocol is a strip across a small field, usually a minimum of 400 feet. That will cross several variations in soils and drainage. We also like to run at least six random replications of each treatment. Many of our trials need more than three or four replications because we’re trying to detect fairly small improvements, down to three or four bushels.