Renewable Farming

Soil Health Academy’s newest webinar: “Your Regenerative Ag Questions Answered”

The webinar starting at 7 p.m. Central July 1 gives you personal access to five world-renowned experts on renewing soil health and restoring your bottom-line profitability.

June 30, 2021 By Jerry Carlson You can question experienced advisors like David Kleinschmidt, Gabe Brown, Shane New, Kathy Richburg and Allen Williams live, online. (See nearby photo)

The Soil Health Academy is an educational outreach of a larger mission, Understanding Ag. This link takes you to Understanding Ag’s “Who We Are” web page. We suggest that you browse the Understanding Ag website and learn of the intellect and experience backing it. The home page has a brief video message from a key founder, Gabe Brown. These are people eager to help you restore soil health and your bottom line. Here’s the mission statement of Understanding Ag:

“To use our passion and experience to educate farmers, ranchers and communities in applying time-tested ecological principles to regenerate our living ecosystems, thereby restoring the health of all.”

Partners and educators in this effort don’t sell products. They do offer consulting and education services based on proven principles. I once asked Gabe Brown why he contributed so much time, travel and speaking effort to help other farmers. Gabe told me: “It’s a passion with me. I enjoy seeing farmers and ranchers restore soils, like we did.”

Here’s the link to register for the July 1 webinar.