Renewable Farming

Sept. 11 farmer meeting signals rising interest in biological farming

Four years ago, our first farmer meeting involving Biodyne biological products demonstrated that this company had a product line that’s very effective. About 20 farmers attended in Webster City, IA. This season, registration for their annual “what-we-learned” meeting is 90 farmers and growing.

Sept. 5, 2019 In fact it’s slightly past deadline for meeting signup, the Larry Eekhoff, Agronomy Rx owner at Webster City, said, “Please ask interested farmers to phone Marit Eekhoff by Sept. 10 to assure we can provide a lunch,” said Larry.

Two of our Renewable Farming team, Terry and Blake Carlson, will be there. Terry will be recording video of the meeting.

We’ve done field research with Biodyne microbial products and found them so effective we became a dealer. 

When we showed how WakeUP enhances their yield stimulus, Larry Eekhoff became a WakeUP distributor.



Program for Sept.11 farmer meeting by Biodyne/agronomy Rx